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Telegram Wishes.

Nov 8, 2000, 8:47am
(1) The ability to write longer telegrams...More often than not I have to
send my message in parts / chunks

(2) The ability to save a copy of what you sent to others....and maybe
possibly use a folder arrangement like what we do with our emails

(3) The Telegram Mute!!!...seems if some spoilt brat can't get to you
because you muted them...they seem to just start flooding you with hate

pre-property cache

Dec 17, 2000, 10:47pm
"sw comit" <swcomit at swcity.net> wrote...
> Ever lose your property cache and have to reload all your works again to
> them (not talking about objects themself loading, just the location of
> aka: property cache)?
> Well, it'd be a a nifty feature if reloading the cache could be easy. All
> you would do is type the farthest NE, and SW coords to cache, and click
> download, and then boom, no more having to slow down and wait for stuff to
> come up =)
> Speaking of property cache, why does it download sooo slow? 300 bytes per
> second? what is that? Yes, alot of people are probably caching too,
> down the server, but why wouldn't that slow down the object loading, like
> when you first come into a world.

What I do is periodicaly copy parts of my cache to another folder, so in an
event of a crash Or corruption of my cache I just go back to the backup,
copy it back to the cache and all is back to normal :o)

I normally only experience cache corruption of the world which I was in
when the crash happened, so I only need to copy back the property cache of
that world. Thankfully after installing windows 2000 on my system these
crashes aren't so frequent anymore.

Yes I see what you mean about slow downloading...it is frustrating to say
the least...all I can get is about 1KB a second and somethimes it comes in
fast bursts for a few seconds at 4KB (excluding download of models and
textures) then halts and I have to bounce of a private world just to get it
to go again.
I'm not sure if it is because of me being loacted in a remote part of the
world with only a modem for access or is their server actually very slow.

Posting Rules

Jul 6, 2001, 8:51pm
[View Quote] <snipped>


It would be a good idea if we collectively could draw up a charter that can
be posted to the newsgroups every week or every few days, so that people new
to the newsgroups can be aware of the rules and the reason why we have these

The reason for this is to avoid confusion and frustration for people who are
new to using the Newsgroups. Also, please people keep your ego's out of

Right now it seems some people are using 'newbies' as a punching bag to
throws a few belts of their ego at.

Posting Rules

Jul 7, 2001, 7:06pm
[View Quote] >And how freaking old are you?
>Are you a rich spoiled brat?
>Damn man, I way more mature than you and I'm 14!
>Grow UP.

Hmmm... there seems to be a general pattern in here that the ones with large
ego's are almost always 14, claiming they are more mature and smarter. Seem
to be the case of the 'me too' more like it in this particular case.

Not meaning to offend anyone.

Forward telegrams to E-mail

Apr 25, 2003, 4:05am
It would be helpful if I could set telegrams to be forwarded to a nominated
E-mail. I feel this could be useful if you may be away overseas for a
period and the only access you have is via an Internet Cafe. This would also
help since I'm currently not bothering to login into AW much these days and
at times I get a rush of telegrams.

*Counts the multitude of Easter greetings and stale telegrams that weren't
read for weeks.*

the 8 Light limits - bug or feature?

Sep 7, 2003, 11:51pm
[View Quote] As I understand it (on my system at least), When rendering under DirectX7
Mode, If more than 8 lights were present, 8 lights will be lit at full
brightness and the rest will be dimmed out (but not completely switched

However under DirectX8 the lights that would otherwise be dimmed out under
DirectX7 mode are completely switch off under DirectX8.


Jun 21, 2001, 3:17am


Sep 26, 2001, 12:09am
[View Quote]
Nothing much visually has changed from 3.1 (IMHO), Both Open GL and Direct3D
look similar (if not the same)
Direct3D is faster than OpenGL
FPS gone down a tad, not really a major concern.

Movement at running speed (moving with CTRL held down) a bit more jerky over
3.1, not a major issue either. Perhaps due to what SW Chris described, the
whole scene is loaded right out to maximum visibility when you move and not
just at 10m in front of you as with previous versions.

Midi's pauses momentarily which I find a pain when AW access the cache while
loading up the scene, but once everything has loaded, it's fine. Midi (IMHO)
sound a little bit better, whereas with the last version, some instruments
were missing.

All animated window / door panels have a white border around the openings
now, rather than being the same color making them look like just holes cut
out in walls as what happened in 3.1, some people may like it others don't,
personally I'm comfortable with it and feel that it makes some of my builds
look better.

I like how I can set a fixed visibility, it would be better If I could
access them via quick keys on the keyboard

There is a cell grid which can be turned on and off, I wish I could change
and lift the grid up to my desired level such as at the land level I'm
building at. It can be useful with build planning in attempt to Keep the BI

In summary, 3.2 IMO is not bad so far, I'm going to keep it ;-)

About an idea on the FeatureVote site...

Oct 1, 2001, 3:01am
[View Quote] 8>< snipped

> Frankly, I didn't bother voting for hiding the checkmark because you can
> create the same effect if you're on a modem by releasing and renewing
> your IP (using winipcfg) while in AW. Doing so will wipe out your
> checkmark. (and you won't receive any telegrams either!)

8>< snipped

I'm using a modem (using windows 2000) and I've never been able to reproduce
this. It keeps coming up with
Error: No adapters bound to TCP/IP are enabled for DHCP

I assume this "ghost" mode is where every object (except yours) you right
click on comes out as <not a citizen> in the object properties dialog,
Additionally when you try and send telegrams and when you go in to the
citizen properties, it presents a "reason 31"

If that's the case, I've been able to reproduce this on some occasions by
locking my connection temporary via ZoneAlarm.

If I could figure out how to do this, I will be able to finally get some
personal time to myself and get away from all these people who think it's
their god given right for me to build for them, flood me with telegrams
that contain "Build this for me NOW!" "When are you going to finish this
house for me?!" and flooding me with the same telegrams over and over
"Please,Build in my town, Please Please Please....I've only got X number of
This of course doesn't mean I don't like building for others, Just the
people who repeatedly bug me each time I'm online.

Who went back? Another poll

Oct 1, 2001, 12:57am
[View Quote] 8>< snipped

> I am keeping 3.2, as I haven't experienced *any* problems with it
> whatsoever. (except for the annoying fact that you can't have more than
> 8 lights in hardware mode :P) For those of you who *are* experiencing
> problems, then you'd better get used to them, because 3.1 is going cease
> to exist very soon. (along with 2.2) Either that, or upgrade your
> system. In any event, the problem is on your end, not AWC's...

I survived the upgrade without any problems as well, but You're joking,

I'm not even sure if AW can afford to tell it's user base to "upgrade or go

If thats the case it's going to mean less people here in AW, and prehaps
even much of my AW friends going bye bye aswell. IMHO AW needs more people
not less, My feeling is the place already feels like a smallish rural town.
I'm hoping 2.2 will atleast be kept for those less fortunate than us, for
the time being.

Re: Ananas is a nice guy LOLOL???

Oct 3, 2001, 10:48pm
[View Quote] Urgh...Suddenly, I have a headache and the words "Deja Vu, here we go again"
are uncontrollably flashing in my mind...urgh... I'm going to set this
thread on ignore and go to bed now.


Nov 28, 2001, 6:25pm
[View Quote] If you don't see the size column and wish to have it...

Right click on the column headings (this will pop up a menu) ---> select
"columns..." (this will bring up a dialog box) ---> and place a tick in the
box next to "size"

If it is already ticked, Its probably hidden over on the right, and you will
probably need to scroll over to see it,
You may also wish to adjust the column widths by placing your cursor over
column heading sperations (should bring up a + icon with arrows pointing out
both sides) and then draging them so they will fit in the one pane.

3D Homepages

Dec 27, 2001, 8:01am
[View Quote] It takes me about 10 seconds flat to load it now through a 56k dial up modem
where as it use to take only prehaps 2-3 seconds. :o/ But atleast it still
bearable for me.

> sure some of them themes look cool, but giving them out like that free
> was not a good idea. I even tried one, and the theme I picked it and with
> visibility set to 40 it lagged like a 5th day tourist build. any higher
> visibility and you can't move, I got a good video card to.

With the lag you are experiencing, I would assume the speed of the CPU has
something to do with it as well, not just the videocard alone. I'm prity
sure that the engine that AW is using utitlises both the CPU and the
videocard (excluding software render which uses the CPU only).
The framerates for me seems okay (around 12fps at 80m visibility) under all
the themes that are available, I'm currently using an old PIII 550Mhz with
an outdated 32MB nVidia TNT2 pro, yes I know it's an old system but at least
it does all I need it to do.

Also another thing which can contribute to the lag is lack of RAM, I've
noticed that when I had 128MB my system would start jerking and pausing when
it used it up all the available RAM and started swapping data between the
HardDisk and RAM. Since upgrading to 256MB this has ceased.

help me choose.

Dec 27, 2001, 6:41am
[View Quote] One method would be to go down to your local computer stores and see what
they have on offer. Collect information leaflets (if they have any)

Another words you are trying to gather as much information as possible about
the models you are looking at

Since you are looking for something "good" I suggest you stick to reputable
brands and avoid the noname variety

Note down the models that you feel could be suitable.

Have a look at websites such as www.tomshardware.com,
www.sharkyextreme.com(There are several more out there, but can't think of
them right now) And see if there are any reviews of CD-ROM models you are
looking at

Go to http://groups.google.com and search for articles that are relevant the
models you are looking at and look for things such as:

o Take Note of problems mention. There will always be a user that
experiences an isolated problem with a product, But what I feel you should
be looking out for is if this problem is widespread,
For example: perhaps there could be several posts regarding compatibility
problems with a certain type of motherboard and the model of CD-ROM.
o Did any posters make recommendations of any of the models you are
considering, and the reasons given.
o Models recommended that be avoided, and the reasons behind it.
o Beware of opinions that are not backed up with valid reasons such as "this
drive SUCKS!, it just refuses to go" (because I could not be bothered to
read the instruction manual properly)

Then decide, weigh up each model in terms of pros and cons, such as
features, quality, any mentioned problems, and decide which fits you best.

I did it this way when I was selecting components for a computer system that
was to be made for me. Also I did this for other components that I added
later added on myself such as the CDRW and RAM, so far I had no trouble with
the components I selected myself using this method.

The components I did have trouble with was those that the manufacturer
substituted because they didn't have it, such as the ESStech sound card and
the Lucent HCF controllerless winmodem which they told me was a full
hardware modem! As a result these components ended up conflicting with one
another and took some time to resolve and didn't really fit my particular

Hope that helps.

Dreamlatd park and Other uni's

Jan 8, 2002, 2:29am
[View Quote] I inquired and got a one liner response back that it was "under
investigation". Probably means that they are still investiagating to
dertermine if it's legit or not, Decide for yourself what it means.

Outer Worlds

Jul 6, 2002, 8:17am
[View Quote] If he bugs you alot, then use your filters and filter him out.

Off topic: Direct Connection between win98 and win2000

Jul 27, 2002, 7:58am
Not related to AW, But I am asking here as a last resort before going out
and buying two NIC's and a cross-over network cable, I am obviously at my
wits ends on this :o(. I've search the web and usenet high and low to try
and find out how to do this to no avail.
I'm trying to set up a direct connection between windows 2000 and 98 using a
parellel "data transfer" cable, I HAVE been able to do this between two
computers both running 98 in the past without problems but NEVER been able
to get it working between a win98 and win2000 system.

I've followed the instructions
http://www.lpt.com/Support/DCC-setUp/dcc-setup.htm. tried to do this several
times over. I've even made sure the cable I was using *is* a cross over

So where else could I be going wrong?

Off topic: Direct Connection between win98 and win2000

Aug 1, 2002, 9:24pm
Many Thanks for all your replies. I really appreciate it.

I've tried again this morning but it still won't go, I've even changed
parallel port setting in the BIOS from spp to ecp + epp. This really
boggles me as all I had to do with the win98 systems was setup direct
Connect and add the neccessary protocol and go! that was simple, but trying
to do it between win2000(guest) and win98(host), so far has probably been my
biggest ordeal with computers yet.

I'm not going to bother wasting anymore time trying it in windows anylonger
and instead go with mongo's idea and obtain a dos version of laplink or a
similar program. Failing that, it's time for the trip out the the local
electronic's store to get two NIC's and a crossover cable.

What is Vaporware?

Aug 3, 2002, 10:21pm
[View Quote] No apparently it has _not_ been cancelled, well atleast... yet.
Apparently progress is currently slow and they are running into some small
problems it would seem by reading the forums at

In my personal view, it will take many years yet, before we see a viable
alternative to ActiveWorlds, if ever. These projects take enormous effort,
expertise, dedication and time, and it seems highly likely that anyone
starting a project without these by them selves or only in a very small
team(2-3) will fail because of lost interest 6 or so months later.

Another AW employee gone!

Aug 5, 2002, 7:53pm
[View Quote] I sense another inferno brewing in these newsgroups. Don't feed the trolls,
use your filters, and sooner or later, they will leave and return to their
home under the bridge.

Re: NG Trouble

Aug 6, 2002, 8:00pm
[View Quote] Another words, A common expression to avoid this is...

"Don't feed the trolls"

Alpha world?

Aug 13, 2002, 1:44am
[View Quote] ....and down again.


Sep 27, 2002, 6:48pm
[View Quote] You can also do a similar thing online http://www.fantasystockmarket.com
I use to play with an NZ based version, but apparently it went down the


Sep 27, 2002, 6:49pm
[View Quote] You can also do a similar thing online http://www.fantasystockmarket.com
I use to play with an NZ based version, but apparently it went down the


Sep 27, 2002, 6:51pm

Just For Fun...

Nov 11, 2002, 6:28pm
[View Quote] weed

Just For Fun...

Nov 14, 2002, 11:28pm
[View Quote] mess

Just For Fun...

Nov 15, 2002, 5:39am
[View Quote] Leaves

Just For Fun...

Nov 15, 2002, 10:45pm
[View Quote] From the headers it appears that you use Outlook Express in which case you
should be able to killfile this thread...

Tools --> Message Rules --> News ---> click "New"

Under "1. Select the conditions for your rule:"
place a tick box next to: "Where the subject line contains specific words"

Under "2. Select Action For your rule:"
Place a tick box next to: "Delete it"

Under "3. Rule Discription"
Click the hyperlinked "contains specific words"
and then enter: "Just For Fun" (without the quotes).
click "Add" and then Click OK close the dialog box

Under #4, just Name your rule

Click OK to close the dailog box
Clicking OK again should close the final dialog box.

After that, You shouldn't be receiving any more new messages in this thread.

To totally vaporise this thread. (clear the existing messages in this

Tools --> Message Rules

Select the rule you just made.

Click on "Apply Now", you should get another dialog box.
Verify your rule is still selected and click "Apply Now".

....and Viola! This thread should now be totally gone.

Does anyone know Trowa Barton???

Nov 7, 2002, 3:01am
[View Quote] If you haven't seen him in a while...
I'll have a guess that he _may_ have moved on to Dreamland park.

On my recent trek through what is currently the alien landscape of AWTeen, I
discovered a few recently placed flying rotating signs made by him
advertising Dreamland park.

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