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It works now

Feb 29, 2000, 12:20pm
want a faster conection set you max conect speed to 115200 if its not
already and put this in the extra strings under advanced modem properties
ATZ ATS15=128 &K3 S34=32 S12=0 your modem conect will say 115200 stead of
48000 now it wont realy conect at that speed the real speed will be more
like 53 to 56 k with a bit of luck you may get 60 to 62 k like i get if you
modem will not conect with the extra settings then just remove the string
set and your back to normal this does not work with on board modems but all
card modems are fine and i dont know bout externals

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Jun 3, 2000, 4:20pm
finaly some one with some decentcy in this trhead..
it was geting a little rediculas evone bad mouthing a single user because
he was letting his freinds know he was leaving aw.
i dont know him personaly but still
i had to put up with people bad mouthing others in blaxxun and is the reason
i left that and the fact i found blaxxun limiting for development of my 3d
modeling skills
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