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[Event] The Great AWTeen Show Info // Sdk

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strike rapier

Aug 29, 2002, 9:23pm
Hello Everyone,
First of all sorry for the long read but I had to put allot into this post to get all the information across. Id like to inform you all about the upcoming Great AWTeen Show. For those of you who are interested in similar things in real life it is based on the Great Yorkshire Show, which is held in Yorkshire, England every year. Its a festival where everyone from all over the country gets together and exchange ideas, show their abilities, demonstraight technology or items and to sell products etc. The Great AWTeen show is highly similar to this event as it is in real life.

For 1 weekend myself and the show organisation team would like to invite everyone in Active Worlds to come together and share an experience. We would like to give everyone the chance to display their achievements, organisations, communities and towns to the whole Active Worlds community in 1 large area that's well presented and laid out and allows easy traversal between the different areas. To do this we will be utilising a large area in AWTeen to stage this event, the world AWTeen was chosen because of its thousands of specialist objects and a good possibility of all world features and the world immigration officer.

We are creating several areas for people to display their achievements etc, these categories are:
- Towns: Things such as SWCity, Horizon and smaller towns from around the Universe.
- Communities: World communities such as AWTeen, AWSome, AW etc
- Organisations: Peacekeepers, Gatekeepers and such
- Standalone Builds: Any builds you are proud of, if you think its suitable, and its G rated display it!
- Worlds: Any worlds that you wish to display information / teleports from.
- Programming & SDK: New bot technology for example FireStorm Fireworks, Demeter, Peacebot, Xelagot etc.
If you have any other categories you think are suitable please e-mail me at strike at and explain them, if they are indeed suitable I will add them if there are sufficient users in that category.

Display Areas:
People who wish to have a display area will be given a 4x4 area within the main show site in which to build their display area. You are free to use a reasonable amount of media in your displays (see below) however out of respect for viewers, and other display holders we must ask that you keep your total media usage to below 2mb. You can design your area however you feel as long as it does not break the rules set out below, for example picture displays on poles or walk in areas are all fine, AWTeen has a very large collection of custom and advanced objects that can be used to great effect, you have several weeks in which to get your builds done so take your time with them and make them good.

Rules for display areas are as below:
1. All areas will be given a 4x4 area of walk029.rwx objects in which to create their displays. This is only increasable on request to myself and with a true need (for example requiring objects spread out in which to create a bot generated effect).
2. All content is to remain strictly G-Rated. Any content not within the G rating is subject to deletion by the vandalism teams in AWTeen. Also, for this reason I have taken the decision to refuse all requests for displays for Gor related items. I have done this to prevent the worrying of some of the younger users who will be attending, also due to the 18 / 21+ only nature of the Gor worlds it would not be suitable for display in an teen based world. If any Gorean user was considering a display for this event I apologise completely but feel it is for the best.
3. There is to be no vandalisement of property at the event, this includes posting offensive signs and pictures, or use of move encroachment etc.
4. By requesting and receiving a display area you automatically agree to rules 1, 2, 3 and 5 and agree that if you break any of these rules then you put yourself up for action including ejection and your build being deleted by vandalism teams.
5. The maximum amount of media usage per area is 2mb, this is none extendable without special request to the event organisers, the absolute maximum limit is 4 Mb in total. This is to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

If you wish to apply for an area please copy, paste and fill in the following section of this e-mail and e-mail it to strike at with the subject line 'Great AWTeen Show Display Application'

-----------------------------Begin E-Mail----------------------------------
Citizen Name:
Citizen Number:
Citizen E-Mail:

Registered Owner: (This is the owner of the organisation if you are e-mailing on behalf of 1 or a town citizenship etc)

Description: (Add a short description of what you will be wanting to display)
-----------------------------End E-Mail-----------------------------------

Onto More Fun:
In addition to the display areas we will also be holding a first ever event in AWTeen. The event organisers would like to take the opportunity to let the community entertain itself. We will therefore be holding a event on the second evening of the event where you the community take control.

In groups of up to 10 people the task is to create a themed show similar to a staged show like Keenan and Kel where the audience watches the show being performed as well as it being recorded. Your shows can be about anything G / PG rated, but nothing more higher level than that. For this we will be using the large outdoor floodlit dome and stage for groups to stage their shows. Shows should last between 5 and 10 minutes each and should be within the following limitations.
- A maximum of 10 main people can be in a group, you can use up to 10 extras or bring people up from the crowd if you forewarn the event organisers.
- No part of the show should exceed the PG rating, however we will not tolerate swearing with the intent to cause offence etc.

The stage area is 3 x 5, this means you will be allowed to build sets which will then be transferred to the stage before or during your act.

Because of the entertainment this is going to be I would ask that every major organisation in AW considered putting a show together as it would be a great opportunity to show more than what the organisation in. As well as several others, I aim this at the Gatekeepers, Peacekeepers, AWSchool, AW Inc, AWHS, AWEC etc.

If you would like to participate in this section of the event please e-mail me at strike at and copy, paste and fill in the following to me.

-----------------------------Begin E-Mail----------------------------------
Citizen Name:
Citizen Number:
Citizen E-Mail:

Members: (All the members of your group who will be acting)

Description: (Add a short description of what you will be wanting to do a show about)

Comments: (Self explanatory)
-----------------------------End E-Mail-----------------------------------

You can also e-mail me any questions about any of the above at strike at

Games Time:
To keep you all happy we will also be providing other events such as NTT, Paintball and other activities over the weekend of the event. Hopefully we can ask the AWTeen Minor / Major Events Committee (Well, those who are not already involved in the project) to provide some other entertainment throughout as well.

Time and Date:
At this time we have no time or date set, this is because I wish to consult with every applicant to find which time is better for them and create a time and date that is best for all. Probability is that the event will be in November as advised by OneSummer, however chances are the event will be allot sooner than that dependant on what other events are taking place, build completion etc. I've deliberately left at least a month of building time so the display makers and show actors can have time to create their builds and create and practice their scripts.

I need not say we hope this will bring the community together in 1 place for the best fun and community spirit Active Worlds has ever had and hope that we get at least half of the entire regular visitors to either actively participate or look around the area and if possible get over 1 to 2 hundred + builders which I think is a realistic target with the strength of the community as it is now.

In Closing (For Now):
So I ask you, if you think you could do something for the event, be it put up a display, or do a show it will all be appreciated by the team and the community alike. Don't hold back, give me a e-mail if you have any questions. We want to make this great, and bring about a real-time boost in AW. Once again my e-mail is strike at and id be happy to answer any questions or queries about the event. Id like to see everyone at this event, past and present, AWTeen is open to tourists courtesy of E N Z O.

I will allocate areas as soon as humanly possible after I receive e-mail applications and accept them. This will let you all get on with your projects and create the best you possibly can.

I must also state for the record that this event is not part of the AWTeen Major Events Committee or AWTeen Minor Events Committee. Any members of these committees taking part in the organisation of this event is though personal choice.

My apologies for cross posting this thread, I have only posted it to those of which it concerns. But am not posting it to WorldBuilders by direct request. Also, this is included in SDK as it is included in the technology display section.

- Mark (Strike Rapier #334303)
- Event Coordinator
- Strike at


Sep 1, 2002, 6:04am
Read yer post several times and it sounds really nice hon, but when is this
being planned for??? What is the projected date and time?? ;-"D

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Sep 1, 2002, 10:43am
And you complained when I cross posted.

-CarLBanks, 335711
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Active Worlds 3.3 Build 419

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strike rapier

Sep 1, 2002, 6:00pm
How does october 5th sound for you all?

- Mark
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goober king

Sep 1, 2002, 8:27pm
That'd be great, except that's when the CY Awards are going to take
place! No offense, but I doubt even the Great AWTeen Show can compete
with that. :P

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Goober King
Bow to the power of the CYs...
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strike rapier

Sep 3, 2002, 3:39pm
in that case scrap that idea :) The show is flexible, the CY's come first

- Mark

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