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How it's supposed to work.. // General Discussion

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sw chris

Jun 26, 2001, 12:41am
General Discussion newsgroups and forums have popped up all over the web for
the sole interest of those wishing to participate in discussing things
beyond the set topic in other newsgroups and/or forums. Yes, they do
include useless posts, but some of them can be very funny and are worth a
look. In fact, I've known some useless posts to get up to hundreds of
replies of more worthless garbage, simply because the results are very
interesting to look through. When posting in a general discussion
newsgroup, it is not necessary to remain serious. These types of newsgroups
are there for the rest of us to have fun in. So have a sense of humor about
the things you post.

Now I'm not saying that this should be a dumping ground for useless garbage.
I am simply stating that in General Discussion newsgroup/forums, you can
post things other newsgroup charters would normally frown upon. This
doesn't mean posts that have no point are welcome in these newsgroups. Each
post should have a point, whether serious or funny. These posts can be
about politics, the latest movie you saw, an upcoming game that you think
people might want to be interested in, or almost anything, really.

Now many of you know that I've been an advocate for this general.discussion
group. Now that we've got it, I don't to see it turned into a garbage dump.
Many of you are writing it off already simply becuase of a few posts by
people who still view it as a novelty. They are simply testing out their
new-found freedom. Let's hope by reading this they'll hold themselves in
check. :) Anyways, look for an example of what I'm talking about shortly...

SW Chris

chucks party

Jun 26, 2001, 5:26am
Thanx Chris, couldn't have said it better myself, LOL Now if we can get
these other Bozos to grasp the concept we might have something fun here, LOL

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