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mike zimmer

Jun 27, 2001, 5:39am
Hello. I will be holding my Mole 2 soon. If you haven't seen The Mole 1 or
The mole on television you might want to check out this fun event. in The
mole we take 8 normal people who signed up to play in The Mole. Then we take
a smart, stelthy Mole and put him/her up against the other 8 players. All 9
players must undertake "Missions" to make the final reward better. But, our
secret Mole is trying to stop them from completing the "Missions". Sounds
fun doesn't it :-). Well, after each test the remaining players must take a
"test" about The Mole. The person with the lowest score on this "test" is
out of the game. This process continues on untill there are only 3 players
left. Then they will take the final "test" to see who is the grand champion
of The Mole 2!

First place prize for The Mole 2 will be a P-20/5 world donated by Mike
Zimmer. Second place will be a advertisement right at AWTeen GZ. Thank You
AWTeen core for donating this. The Mole gets a free years citizenship if no
one scores a perfect score on thir test. If someone so happens to get a
perfect score, The Mole will only recieve a 3 month extension.

The Mole 2 is planned to be on July 7th at 4:00pm VRT. The location of the
HQ where most of the "tests" will take place and new mission info will be is
in world AWTeen at 890N 985W. This plans to last 4 hours at the most, with
each "Mission" being 25 minutes long. I hope to see you at this fun and
exciting event, and maybe the spectators will get some part in this also ;-)

-Mike Zimmer

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