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Jun 30, 2001, 1:41am
It's almost done, and IS on the air!
I have now about 97% or very close to it, an automated radio station that
works WELL with the AW browser, using one of about 6 different kinds of
low-ram players and mp3 formats. You should have a LEAST 56k or better to
run streaming audio.
I also have 2 positions in staffing open. See the website for details.
Any new worlds, events, suggesstions, etc...please view the website at
www.awradio.com <http://www.awradio.com>.
If that didn't hyper link maybe this will: <http://www.awradio.com>
The music is played by USER requests, not a DJ. To make a request, you will
simply click a "vote" link. That is how I keep up with a database tally of
what songs aren't being played and which are popular.
I'll be seeing yas around! Stop by and say hello!
Danny 2K

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