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sw comit

Jul 8, 2001, 2:07am
Hey, I just got a new computer, but I'm still using this one for the
internet. Anyone know how to get AW to work with proxy? I set everything
up and I can browse the internet, but AW won't log in. I went into AW's
settings and set up the proxy there too (for HTTP).

SW Comit
swcomit at
Mayor of SW City
President of Community Linkage Commission

begin 666 SW Comit.vcf
M#0I.24-+3D%-13I35R!#;VUI= T*3U)'.D-O;6UU;FET>2!,:6YK86=E($-O
M;6UI<W-I;VX[4V]U=& at at 5V5S= T*5$E43$4Z4')E<VED96YT#0I!1%([5T]2
M0DQ%.D-A;&EF;W)N:6$],$0],$%54T$-"E at M5T%"+4=%3D1%4CHR#0I54DP[
M2$]-13IH='1P.B\O=W=W+G-W8VET>2YN970-"E523#M73U)+.FAT=' Z+R]C
M;VUI=$!S=V-I='DN;F5T#0I2158Z,C P,3 W,#A4,#0P,C(P6 at T*14Y$.E9#

sw chris

Jul 8, 2001, 2:52am
Isn't this one of the things AW 3.2 is supposed to address? I dunno....

SW Chris

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