(Plaintext of previous) Re:(HTML, only because marcus asked me to use his bandwidth) - Re: Townbuilders newsgroup idea (General Discussion)

(Plaintext of previous) Re:(HTML, only because marcus asked me to use his bandwidth) - Re: Townbuilders newsgroup idea // General Discussion

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Jul 12, 2001, 6:38pm
Heres the entire 48k post I just made in plaintext for those of you who either don't want to download it, can't view it or couldn't
read the colors. BTW, it had a cool picture of a nuclear bomb.
[View Quote] Yeah. And I, for one have a liking for keeping my computers as sleek, fast and powerful as possible. This is achieved through
overclocking, buttloads of high quality RAM, a RAID hard drive system, etc. Now, for 99% of the people that operate this level of
system, it's useless fluff. But for me, I use EVERY CPU cycle doing genetics work for Stanford University. The additional time that
gets spent downloading and processing HTML may not seem like much, but it adds up. That's CPU time that will never get devoted to an
ything useful. When the Palomino 1.7GHz's come out later this year, I'll complain less. But since BOTH CPUs will be crunching genes,
the problem will still be there. Think about it. Would you rather my computer a) Decode your HTML posts or b) Have the potential to
design a gene that proves to be the holy graal that strikes down HIV/AIDS or cancer? This computer still gets everyday uses, but I
go FAR out of my way to make sure that they're so lightly CPU intensive that it isn't funny. My gene crunching has a higher CPU
priority than AW does. Please, concider that you may be disrupting the chance of survival for one of your descendents. This lowly
computer will not find the cure, but it will narrow the choices. Now before you get all on me about Stanford having the ability to
do their own work... There are THOUSANDS of people devoting their computers to the same thing, in what I concider the most noble
distributed computing project ever. Does Stanford have thousands of high end computers sitting around to do this on? I thought not.

You grow up, and realize that every action you make has it's repercussions somewhere in the world. If you would like to pursue your
arguments any further, you can concider yourself filtered. The same goes for anybody else that feels like backing his opinions.


To those of you who this post was not directed at, I'm sorry for the gigantic download, I did it on purpose, but I think it'll carry
my point better.
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