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Jul 13, 2001, 11:14am
Ah, they don't know, that's why we teach them. Really, before posting in any
newsgroup, don't you guys read a What to Do in a Newsgroup webpage outlining
untold rules and common courtesy? I did, it saved me a lot of trouble, but
you still learn. :) And many posts are important to everyone, and you can't
*tell* for one if a post is HTML, and most people don't like to ignore
anybody's post because in a newsgroup like this, all opinions matter. :))
Maybe though, HTML posts should come with a [HTML] tag in the subject header
so people can ignore them who want to. It makes a good comprimise, but just
realize that although you can and maybe want to, you take readers away from
your post and away from your rep (unfortunately) because you're not giving
everyone a fair chance. :) Who would want people NOT to read your posts?


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