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goober king

Jul 13, 2001, 2:44pm
Look at it this way, Marcus. If we were to use your logic in another scenario, then
AWCI shouldn't have kept 2.2 when it went to 3.0. It should simply have produced a
statement saying "AW now needs a 3D graphics card in order to work. Please purchase a
3D graphics card if your computer does not already have one before downloading AW
3.0. Thank you." Now, if AWCI had done that, they would have alienated all of their
users who can't afford a 3D video card or whose video card wasn't compatible with

Need another example? Let's say Facter finally releases the new AWCI website, and
it's chock full of cool features. There's just one problem: It only works in IE5.5.
So, using your logic, Facter should put a statement on the website that says "This
site only works in IE5.5. Please download IE5.5 before viewing this webpage. Thank
you." If he did that, he would alienate all the Netscape users (many of whom could be
potential corporate sponsors), as well as anyone else not using IE5.5.

How does this apply to someone who posts in HTML? I would like to think that the
reason you post a message in a newsgroup is so that other people will read it and
respond to it. If you post in HTML, you're essentially saying "This post is in HTML.
Please download a newsreader that can handle HTML posts if your current newsreader
does not, or switch to a different ISP that does not charge by the bandwidth." Now,
do you really want to alienate people from what you're trying to say simply because
you can't stand to post in plain text? I should hope not.

Bottom Line: These newsgroups are in plain text only. If you are uncomfortable with
plain text messages, please find a different newsgroup that allows other formats.
Thank you.

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