Problems with AW on Windows 2000 (General Discussion)

Problems with AW on Windows 2000 // General Discussion

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Jul 30, 2001, 2:40am
I have problems with AW when
i have it running under Windows
2000, i lock my PC, then come
back in like 10 min, and then
AW crashed cz of a access vail. error..

- Excal


Jul 30, 2001, 12:53pm
Did you by any chance write down or catch what that error message was?
It won't do any help if you don't report the exact error. What were you
doing at the time of the crash? I have had many problems running AW 3.1
under Windows 2000 SP2 using an AMD processor. It would constantly just
lockup or reboot itself while using AW (without an error message). I
know AMD released a registry file that was supposed to fix something in
the AGP bus and Windows 2K, but that didn't seem to help. Make sure you
are using the most current and CERTIFIED video drivers for Windows 2K.
Although it still doesn't work for me, getting the latest drivers may
help you. If it STILL keeps crashing, try running it in software mode or
wait until AW 3.2 is released (it has software, Direct3D, and OpenGL

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