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tart sugar

Dec 21, 2003, 8:29pm
Let's talk about the weather. I thought it was unseasonably warm today in
Kuala Lumpur.

Tart Sugar
A little tart sugar will put a permanent pucker on yer kisser.

hyper anthony

Dec 21, 2003, 8:32pm
Weather was fine here, but my weekend bombed.

1) Spent most of today out
2) Got tricked yesterday and missed a few hours of the hunt
3) My world idea got stolen by someone I thought I had trusted.....


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mayor taz

Dec 21, 2003, 8:34pm
I missed the entire hunt :( i was busy most of the weekend and when i was
here none of the hunt world were near the top of the list so i figured it
hadnt started! GRRR!
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Dec 21, 2003, 8:35pm
EP is a man and FF married him.

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