God Bless the American People and help us fight hate (General Discussion)

God Bless the American People and help us fight hate // General Discussion

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elven princess

Dec 22, 2003, 8:52am
To all this is a new post to help fight that which is running rampant
here, hate bashing and the thoughtless and mindless action of just
telling someone because they are different it's just to make your self
better then the rest. Ouf uo that Ego, make then see it's good to be
cruel and hate is your power, in the end what you give is what you get.
Said in the bible, but then that is just a book that MEN wrote to
control men adn keep them in check for power. Power it feels so good
doesn't it, that hate and dread flowing throguh your veins, it will come
back to you, and you will not like it when it does, so why do you do it?
Holiday Cheer to all, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. www.hrc.org
and tell then to stop hate, stop predjudice, stop those who would kill
your neighbor just because they wore a shirt that was not like the
Beasty man in the next house. Not beefy enough to be a mnas shirt. Be
careful it will bite you back. That is the way it is. and I hope you
understand tht if you make this thread more thanit is, you are
responsable to your own actions, and it is you who will pay for them.
Treat oterhs as you would have them treat you. it is that we are gods
childrena, and be it what we are, it's not any different than the times
of ald for fear was rampant and th eland was rife with hate and death.
The time will come when you ahve to face that fact and in your life it
will be as it was 1000 years ago, and nothing will stop it.

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Dec 22, 2003, 11:24am
to hell with fucked up america. that country full of shit will be destroyed,
trust me on that. osama bin laden deserves an award. nobody likes you
arrogant american trash people. isolated and hated dumbfucks is all ya'll

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Dec 22, 2003, 11:31am
the only hate for you here is your deception to a man who in his own right
is different... so just SHUTUP!!
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tart sugar

Dec 22, 2003, 12:42pm
*rolls eyes* You sure like to see yourself type, don't you?
Ya know, if I were still a GK, and you repeatedly posted all this stuff at
The Gate, I would eject you for FLOODING. Not to mention your insistance on
making this about what God and the bible says. Not all of us are Christian.
Not all of us are even "god fearing".
Have you tried the Traveling Salvation road trip? I hear they are looking
for some good orators in the more backwards, undeveloped countries.
So would you PLZ get off your "hate and prejudice" soap box??? Re-read all
the posts "bashing" you. Only the truly narrow minded attacked you for your
sexual orientation. You were targeted by most first, for your arrogant and
condescending manner in here, and secondly, when we found out you VR married
a favorite Cit in AW solely for the purpose of forwarding your own agenda on
the GK Wannabe trip you were taking. How does your god feel about deception?

Tart Sugar

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