UPDATE (November 1999): AlphaWorld Map (Community)

UPDATE (November 1999): AlphaWorld Map // Community

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pieter van der meulen

Nov 23, 1999, 12:45pm
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The next quarterly update of the AlphaWorld Map is now online:

http://vevo.com/ (or http://awmap.vevo.com/ works too)

This snapshot is from two weeks ago (8 November 1999). If you've been
there recently, you may need to reload some of the main web page pages
(such as http://vevo.com/about.html) and/or images to avoid looking
at a cached copy.

Here's the usual summary of the statistics; there's more at the About

- there are over 43 million objects in the world
- we generated over 85,000 images, which is just about 70 GB of data
- it took 73 hours (more than 3 days!), plus several more hours
transferring and setting up the database, and transferring the
completed images

We also discovered that our Solaris machine didn't like having 580,000
files on the same 8 GB disk. Fortunately, that problem was easily fixed...

See the Density Map page (http://vevo.com/densmap.html) for a link
to an animation that shows where the biggest new stuff has appeared in
each iteration. This time it appears that the bulk of the building was
concentrated in the central square (imagine a 5 x 5 checkerboard) and in
outlying regions of the northwest quadrant.

Again, a reminder: the cache doesn't get wiped each time (i.e., linked
images won't just break), but if you want a particular image to get up-
dated, you'll need to visit the appropriate location via the web inter-
face at our site.

As always, if you haven't played with the map already, please take a
look at the Intro page first (http://vevo.com/intro.html). It explains the
basic setup and limitations. If you still have questions, check out the
Frequently Asked Questions page, too--especially item 13, about
mapping other worlds (quick answer: sorry, we just can't do it).
And if *that* doesn't do it for you, you can reach us at the e-mail URL
given at the bottom of every page.

The next update is scheduled for February 2000.


Greg Roelofs and Pieter van der Meulen
Philips Research Silicon Valley

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email;internet:pieter at pmc.philips.com
title:Principal Scientist
note;quoted-printable:pieter at ieee.org is a reliable E-mail alias which=0D=0Aforwards to my ever changing Philips account.=0D=0A


rat thing

Nov 27, 1999, 2:07pm
Wow that map is really cool, I didn't know it existed before. I can see ALOT
of use for it.. I have already used it to find some landmarks in AW and to
find some empty land to build my next project on.. :)
Way to go Philips Research...


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alphabit phalpha

Nov 27, 1999, 8:39pm
Yep...definately cool..AND a past winner of the prestigous Cy Award:)
You can see the award honored them at www.awcommunity.org/cyawards

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