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Nov 25, 1999, 4:31pm
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From: Ted Skewes [mailto:ted at]
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Subject: netBuskers embraces AW

I've recently discovered Active Worlds after a brief 'affair' with
I'm really quite speechless about it, it is the best thing I've come across
on the net and after mp3 compression, the most useful. I run which is a vehicle for my own music and for
others who care enough to subscribe to my service. I have taken to AW like a
duck to water and have built at 175N 15E on Colony Alpha, AlphaWorld and
MetaTropolis. Colony Alpha is my HQ, the other sites are very undeveloped.
I'm online most nights (Aussie time) which is most mornings VRT. Anyway I'd
like to invite ppl to come visit and if they do they can download my latest
song for free (usually a subscription is required). I'd love to know what
ppl think of my 3d forest and multi-story 'floating' glass building!

If there are any AW musicians out there that would like to be involved, I
want to make AW netBuskers part of the broader AW music community and invite
them to join me in whatever way they like. I'd love to go visit their sites
and see how they do things, cos I'm making it up as I go along!

If you'd like to mention any of this in your newsletter I'd be most
flattered. I feel like a newbie around AW at present and I know there's a
lot to see and learn .....I can't wait, this whole concept is fantastic !

Dingo ts (AW username)

"Dingo" Ted Skewes

Australian netBuskers

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