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jetta lewis

Dec 3, 1999, 12:35pm
Hi, I am looking for some people to greet visitors, and help newbys at
Americas GZ. If you would like to apply for such a postion, please contact
either me or LadyMoonstar. Thanks, Jetta.


Dec 5, 1999, 8:03pm
I used to do that at America's GZ along time ago. It was quite enjoyable
to help folks get a good start with building and being a part of that
community. My friend Chadd gave me assistance when I first became a
citizen and he said his repayment would be for me to help others. I
followed that lead and asked those I helped to help others. I look upon
those times as "The Good Old Days"... Alas, things change and people
move on. I would highly recommend this job to anyone looking to be
involved with community spirit and I can't think of any better place
(other than my world) to be a part of a community than America...

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