New Building World OPEN! (Community)

New Building World OPEN! // Community

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sexy eyes

Feb 12, 2000, 4:18pm
AfFiNiTy alternative & "Sister" World to AFantasy is now open to Citizens
who enjoy building. The world is a PS16XE World, and only 16 people can
simultaneously be in the world at any given time. Lots are 9x9 and 10x9
(Very ample sized). There are 91 available lots for builders. Information
is on Ground Zero (GZ) on AfFiNiTy. The world is the "Sister" world to
AFantasy, and all custom objects, textures, avatars, etc found on AFantasy
are also available in AfFiNiTy.

Please realize the new world is 1/4 the size of AFantasy. Coordinates for
the new world go out to 50 N S E W. Please take into consideration that the
framerate will bog down if you place alot of animates on areas close to
Ground Zero. I have made GZ very minimal, in comparison to AFantasy and it
loads relatively fast on entry. I am the owner of both worlds, and as with
AFantasy, No Tourist Building will be allowed, and any tourist building will
be deleted. I also reserve the right to delete any areas or items that are
bogging down the world or area in the world if necessary. The new world is
not themed like AFantasy, and therefore you are allowed to build different
types of buildings and the like. I on ly ask to not be using alot of
animates for the sake of everyone involved. Thanks, and hope to see you

Sexy Eyes

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