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Feb 12, 2000, 4:18pm
Hi everone >:o)
Here it is, finally, a easy to follow, non technical tutorial on how to use
rwmodeler (which I just call, modeler) >:o)

On the first page of the tutorials is a link to the modeler download site
and a direct link to the modeler dlls needed to open modeler. And there are
instructions on how to install and get it running.

at the end of the tutorial is a direct link to rwxmod. So far it is the only
direct link to rwxmod I know of since eep took his site down. >:o)

The tutorials don't go into a lot of detail about the program but there is
enough there to get you oriented with the program so you can get started
makeing objects and adding color to them.

I will add a modeler textureing and uving tutorial to the site in the very
near future. So, keep checking back to the site for that.

I hope this will help those who are new to modeling and just want to get a
quick start at modeling, and don't want to spend months learning to model in
notepad or spend a huge sum of money on expencive modeling programs. Modeler
is a free download.

You can find the Modeler tutorials at this URL

Again I hope this helps the people in AW.
Have fun >:o)
from Image world

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