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Apr 19, 2000, 8:33pm
I need news reporters! Well, not only to write, but everything else needed
for an online newpaper. Since my love for journalism is deeply growing, I
would like more practice on my writing and editing skills, so what do you
do? Open up The ActiveWorlds Advocate! hehe, spiffy name, huh? Basically, it
will be a newspaper published whenever we have enough items to belt out a
good page, that will run from technical, fantasy, to real coverage of what
is going on in AW.
Anyways, why I am writing to this newsgroup of talent is because I know
a lot of talent runs through this group, and I am in need of a staff, cuz
who in the world can publish a newspaper alone, especially when competing
with the main AWNewsletter and at least 1 major news-publishing related to
AW that I know of. Who says you even have to write?? We're in need of page
designers, photographers, researchers, and of course a group of journalists,
basically the works! Doesn't matter what age you are, what world you own, if
your part of a terrosist group hoping to bring AW down to its knees,
whatever. Its totally freelance. Here's some job openings I'm really
focusing on at this point...

Web Page Designer(s)-This is INTEGRAL! I only have basic skills in HTML and
web design and my Frontpage trial expired a few months back, :), so this
person(s) has to be willing to give up a good amount of time with me and the
web, uploading and designing solid-looking pages. Submit a mock page of how
The AW Advocate homepage should look like to Nornny at and you're set
for inspection. :)

Reporters- These people can have it as easy or as hard as they'd like it.
Reporters must submit ideas for stories or any news they hear to the rest of
the group, and decide on stories they will report on. If you're able to
attend one meeting a month, or able to recieve hoards of email a day, and
write ONE story a month, that's the minimum time you'll spend for this
paper. :) Requirements though is that you show some form of writing
experience, submitting an opinion piece AND a news story to Nornny at
will do just fine. :)

Dear Abby(s)-Well, you won't be Abby, it would be Dear
Whatever-your-name-is. This one person will hafta be able a variety of
questions from other Advocate readers. Basically, if you have a wide
knowledge of how AW runs, and you are able to recieve hoards of email,
you're all set. Just be able to write with decent grammar and spelling also.
:) All you need to do is answer the "good" questions, and sumit a column
once a month. :) We might be able to have different "Abbys" for different
fields if enough applies, ex. one for tech, one for building, etc. Just
write to Nornny at saying you're interested in this position and what
your strengths are in ActiveWorlds.

Researchers/Photographers-These guys bring in the extras to the newspaper. A
newspaper couldn't be a paper without facts and pictures! :) Basically, a
researcher must attend those reporter meetings and if you have information
on a very large story, you cooperate with the reporter to get out the
information quicker, then with just one reporter going through a whole
database, for example. If its a big story and you don't have any clue as to
what you're researching, you'll still be assisting the reporter and
hopefully, you'll find something to research. All we're requiring you to do
is attend those reporter meetings and help research when needed. This means
the job can be either VERY easy or VERY busy, you gotta be flexible. :) No
experience needed, really. Just apply to Nornny at
Photographers also has to attend those reporter meetings, and take
photographs of places, people, events, and anything the story is being
written on. That means you hafta work with a reporter in most instances.
Also, you'll hafta take freelance pictures of everyday things or anything
that we couldn't fit a story into. So, all you need to apply is to send in
two pictures of something you took in ActiveWorlds to Nornny at

Thanx for your time you guys. :) I hope we can make this one of the best
newspapers out there in ActiveWorlds. If not, we'll become a magazine, he
he. Also note you can apply to more than one job if you'd like, and these
are NOT the only positions we will need so apply to Nornny at for
anything else you might think will help the Advocate. We need image people
from all you artists out there, and any english and journalism majors out
there, we could always use editors! :) That's it for me now, and thank you
for all who read this.

"There are three types of people in this world, those who can count, and
those who can't."


Apr 20, 2000, 5:39pm
I can do some Video Recording of AW.
okay, spiffy? ;)

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chris waddell

Apr 21, 2000, 10:47am
want to cover my grand opening of Y2oOob on Saturday?

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