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cellophane xboy

Apr 22, 2000, 1:41am
The League of Worlds is a new group starting in AW to unify all of the
personally owned worlds. The LoW promotes peace, leadership, and
resposibility. The LoW is sort of like the United Nations. Worlds that are
apart of the LoW have their own embassy built inside the world where we will
hold meetings, etc. Our meetings will be held on every other week. They
will be held in different embassies each time. In the meetings the two
representatives from each world will discuss all the happenings in their
world (i.e. activites, new builds, vandalism, etc.). We'll also have
monthly inter-world activities that the reps will decide on. If you own a
world and are interested in the LoW, or have any questions, please e-mail:
Tokyo27 at mediaone.net or T-Gram Gil2000, Debbie21, or CDrummer o.

NOTE: No trial worlds will be accepted into the LoW.

Thank You,

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