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Don't give up completely... // Roundtable

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Post by alan17 // May 20, 2009, 11:41am

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Mixed feelings/response like "the day the music died"/"remember the Alamo” - and Star Trek.

I've been with tS since 2.0, and I am stunned at the news, but I am also hopeful – and I would like to share with you why.

Professionally I have made my living the last 25 years programming and testing on the MS platforms. MS and Caligari share an intrinsic value in that the market is a key indicator, but the purpose and the design are the driving force. Together, they are a brick in the foundation for the future. Roman was an advocate of this philosophy and deserves kudos for staying true to his creation. He showed the smarts and the guts with both re-writes, and we benefited from the results.

That said…
One thing I have learned is never to talk about politics, religion, or, especially, operating systems, unless you are willing to make enemies or Career Limiting Moves. Still, it's not often mentioned, or popular, but all these years MS has provided a driving force and platform for standards, and equally important, system integrity. I am not an MS bigot – my focus is purely argumentative, I only mention my related professional opinions here as they concern trueSpace, Caligari, and my point. A key philosophy that has driven their company is the “open-ended” paradigm integrated with backward- and forward-compatibility, with clearly defined interfaces with access for developers.

Purchasing trueSpace provides MS with a key media component. It is already MS compliant, but here are some significant, additional bonuses: It is scriptable, an astounding foresight in tS4, expanded to Jscript and, strategically, VBScript (VB/VBA/VBScript provides the largest platform base for solution providers to integrate applications, even unfriendly proprietaries.) The SDK was available with ts3.0, another unappreciated innovation in the graphics world and media reviews of the time.

Object-Oriented, DirectX/OpenGL, TS4 Widgets, Scripting, and SDK. The trueSpace application was designed with the same COM-patibility paradigms, extensibilities, interoperabilities, and media-granularities that make it an ideal component or tool in the MS development environment. One that could provide the missing media suites for “personal systems” in the online future. Also, the applicability for the features and functionality of the core trueSpace components in a media-rich pc browser-interface seems very possible to me.

Lastly, I want to thank Caligari for not nickel and diming us to death by selling us features or functionality that should have come with the application to begin with. The product was always worth the investment, in money and time. I will contine to use it – as I have PhotoPaint 9.0 – to some degree an application is defined by its whistles and bells, luckily,
that is not the case,
with trueSpace.

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