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A fitting tribute // Roundtable

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Post by splinters // May 21, 2009, 6:59am

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For me tS is all about making art. I realise there is so much more to it; plug in's code etc. but for me what really impresses is the artwork produced.

I always wanted to see a masters section for the galleries and for the best of the best to be commended for their efforts. Too late now but wouldn't it be great (for as long as the forums remain) to replace the monthly gallery with a 'best of' gallery suggested by the forum users themselves. No time for voting and collation etc. just someone (and I will contribute) to pick out and post again their favourite piece of artwork.

Ideally this would be the 'official' gallery but I realise that involves work at Caligari that is perhaps just not practical.

To be honest I could not pick one but I would suggest anything from Madmouse, Marcel and iMaker for starters. I will try and pick out specific examples.

C'mon all; it will be a trip down memory lane if nothing else...:)
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