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Looking for Cloth Motion and.... // SDK, Plug-in & 3rd Party Area

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Post by Jimmer // Dec 2, 2008, 3:07am

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I'm looking for a simple cloth animator for tS6.6. I remember a plug-in

called CLOTH MOTION but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where

I can get the latest version of it and its doc.files? Also, does anyone remember if there were any issues/problems with it and 6.6?

I'm also looking for PyroCluster but can not find it either. I remember

there was a problem with it and 6.6. The emitter was offset a bit and had to

be manually moved in 6.6. (NO BIG DEAL). Where there any other problems

with it???

Finally, I loaded a couple plug-ins from my old RAYPAK disk and can't find

any of the docs for them. VcRAD and VcTNT... Anyone know where I can

find these???? Thanks...

Post by DesignDevil // Dec 2, 2008, 3:12am

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For ClothMotion is a tutorial anywhere here in the forum, try to search it.
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