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Post by 3dfrog // Jan 20, 2009, 10:01am

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Note: this is not a paid position.


I am helping out a friend of mine to make a game called Spera. We are seeking volunteers for game art. Or any contribution people can make. Models, scripting, voices, animations.

We are just in beginning stages. We purchased s2 engine and have a couple of seats available for people with serious interest in the game for 30 bucks a seat. But it must be used for the game, that is the condition of the license for the 5 seats available to us for the fee I paid. I think we have 2 left. But for modeling and stuff you don't need a license, I can convert all models to the engine. I will be willing to waive the license fee I laid out for a experienced scriptor who is seriously into making the game and I will get the scriptor a hardware key to use the engine.

For any inquiries please ask on the Spera Board. The game is being organized by the guy named angel art there. He will answer questions.

Edit: The spera Board is currently closed. We will have a new web page soon.
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