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X Animation in XNA // Game Development

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Post by Fader // Feb 4, 2009, 6:16am

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I am a new member today!:) I have been using Truespace since version 1. I have been developing a game engine using XNA and Truespace 7.6. My last hurdle is character animation. I am trying to export Tank Girl with a skeleton and animate her in my XNA program. The problem is that she appears a bit distorted and the animation is not accurate. I am exporting from the Workspace side and have tried playing with the Export dialog's settings. I know I am so close.


1-Static meshes appear perfect..textures and all.

2-If anyone is familiar with XNA, I am using the SkinningSample to test the animated X file in.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thank you!


Post by Mykre // Feb 14, 2009, 1:51pm

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Have you done a search on the Creators site, as the Skinning Sample is one of the most popular samples and everyone has been using it.

There have been a couple of posts that go through the animation process and also getting your models ready for the sample.

Post by SiW // Feb 15, 2009, 6:09am

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I confess; trueSpace is not the primary content creation app for my game so I can't speak from experience yet, but I love Jon Watte's animation system, KiloWatt.


We'll have to do some tests to see how tS-sourced assets work with it.

Post by Fader // Feb 24, 2009, 11:35am

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Yes, I am using the SkinningSample from the XNA samples to test my Truespace Animation.

I tested my animation in the DXViewer, and it works perfect. So...Can I now point the finger back at XNA's Content Importer code? :)

Thanks again,


Post by TomG // Feb 24, 2009, 11:48am

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Not entirely. Sadly, X format is more a set of flavors than it is a standard. There are about as many different "flavors" of X format as there are 3D applications and game engines, each treating it a little differently.

So it's not really that tS has it right and XNA has it wrong, just that tS exports in a flavor that the DX Viewer also happens to have and understand, but its a flavor that is not the same as XNA wants to work with.

This makes X format difficult to work with and hit and miss, even with all the options tS has on export to let you vary the flavor and hope you find the one agreeable to your end application.

So in a sense there is nothing broken and no-one to point the finger at, as neither the export nor the import can be said to be right or wrong, just that they don't match up :(

Not sure if anyone found a way of getting tS flavor into XNA flavor yet, I was looking into that some months back but time stopped me from pursuing it further. I could load models with skeletons, but they were distorted. I couldn't get them to load with kilowatt, but that was more due to lack of time to figure it all out as I had to stop about then.

I would love to get tS exported skeletal animation driven objects working in XNA though! So I hope a way is uncovered at some point!

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