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Post by larjun // Apr 22, 2009, 7:48am

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Why can I not move the light blue cage in UV editor?

(The UV area which I have resized in Workspace after I clicked on Planar UV and is showed both in workspace and UVE)

It is alway in the lower right position in UVE :confused:!!!

How could I 'take' two Planar UV projections into the same UV area :(?

I have not seen any tutorials about this for TS7.6 Workspace.

Answer please!

Post by Tiles // Apr 22, 2009, 7:55am

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It could help a bit when you would describe a bit closer what you mean. Could you provide a few screenshots to make the problem more clear?

You can attach pictures here in the forum, no need to host them external. Just click at the manage attachment button below the field when you write your answer ...

Post by larjun // Apr 22, 2009, 8:37am

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It would be nice if I could move the UV area to the red point.

And how doing two projections who is not moving each other but shows the other side of an object into one UV area. It works with TS66 but I can't understand how to do it with TS76.

/Thanks for your answer and hope you answer again

Post by larjun // Apr 22, 2009, 9:51am

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This fish is mapped in ts66 without to much problems.


Post by spacekdet // Apr 22, 2009, 4:18pm

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Point Edit
Select by Rectangle
(may have to uncheck 'Front faces' in Stack/Panel/Mesh Editor)
Select entire object.
Open UV Editor.
(may have to scale selection)
Use 'Move selection' or use widget to move.
When cursor is over active part of widget it will turn yellow.
Middle of widget = Move Selection
Parts of widget near corners = Scale Selection
Red circle = Rotate Selection

Post by larjun // Apr 22, 2009, 10:57pm

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Hi again!

It's the light blue frame or <cage> (don't really know what it's mean on swedish?).

What is the light blue cage anyway / function?

Can't move it but I can see that you could!!!

I can do the same as you but only with the selected UV object with it's cage and the yellow border areas.


What is the light blue cage anyway / function?

Post by tatts // Apr 23, 2009, 1:20am

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That light blue cage is just a marker, think of it as your final texture. However you arrange your UV's inside that marker is how your texture map will look when you export it. You can move all your uv's outside the marker so you can better arrange what is going on inside the marker but in the end, everything must be planned inside the marker when you export the texture map. to ensure all uv's will be displayed properly.

(Edit) You can however move the screen around by holding down the middle mouse button and moving it. The frame of course will move with the rest of the screen. lol :)

Post by larjun // Apr 23, 2009, 2:06am

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Must fix new mouse!!! (and my googles (and brain...:jumpy:))

My second question about planar projections?

Someone remember the tutorial

Introduction to UV mapping and the UV editor in gameSpace by Kev Man

Is this tutorial useless for work in TS?

Post by tatts // Apr 23, 2009, 2:46am

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And how doing two projections who is not moving each other but shows the other side of an object into one UV area. It works with TS66 but I can't understand how to do it with TS76.

I think I know what your talking about, your asking that after say for example you plan out a cube using the planer on model side, you can simply grab the front face within the uv editor and move it about and still see the back face as it was planned out and not touched. im not sure this can be done in workspace.

With the workspace editor, What i normaly do is just plan the model out as a whole so that it cleans up the uv editor, then from there i would just select whatever faces I want planned out from the 3d view and start planning the model out in pieces from there. All the uv tools in workspace are usefull so usually I use everything according to whatever it is im mapping. For example box type stuff, I would use cube mapping, And arm or a leg where it is a cylinder, I would use cylidrical mapping. The great thing about the cylindrical and sphere mapping is that is splits and flattens out your uv's nicely, and you define where the split is going to be by the split plane that is attached to the uv frame.

Post by TomG // Apr 23, 2009, 3:51am

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To get UV mappings that you can move independently, select the group of faces and apply a UV mapping to that group of faces. Then select another group of faces, and apply its unique UV mapping.

If you apply cubic to a whole cube, then moving the mapping for a face will adjust the mapping for all other faces that are connected (the edges on the UV mapping, which follow edges on the model, will affect more than one face).

If you apply planar mapping to each face on the cube separately, then pulling, moving, stretching the UV mapping for one face on the cube won't affect the UV mappings for the other faces. You can then overlay them so every face takes its result from one place in the texture, or make one face larger than another in the UV mapping, etc.

This was the same in the Model side, you had to apply separate UV mappings to different faces or groups of faces in order to do this, and same principles apply in the workspace.



Post by larjun // Apr 23, 2009, 5:45am

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Hi Tom!

Always after some dribbling with UVE its a mess there!

Sometimes it don't work with a new File|Scene.

Is there some clear function?

And my question number two is

What is missing here?

0. Reset UVE? (how?)

1. Select only front faces in Mesh editor settings!

2. Select face(-s) in the geometri in perspektive/front/back/?

2. Then select Planar UV

2b? resize UV-area (not in UVE)? (this step is necessary in gameSpace1.6)

3. Then draw the uv obj to some direction outside uv area (lightblue)

4. Select second face(-s) in the geometri in perspektive/front/back/?

5. Select planar UV again.

6. Resize both face projections to fit in to the UV area in UVE ???!??

7. Export it to *.bmp file

8. Texturing of the map...

Or someone else interesting to fix a simple UV face step by step instruction who is absolutly correct in TS7.6?

Post by larjun // Apr 23, 2009, 7:31am

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I have find a bug!

There must be a bug in select faces with rectangle (function).

If it's wellknown bug forget this else should I send my object to you or to support?

When selecting with rectangles and faces in front mode.

The left legs inside face is not selected and even the under part of the body totally two faces. UV map this with planar and it is the same result.

Two faces missed in the UV projection. They should not be missed!

/Lars J

Post by TomG // Apr 23, 2009, 8:05am

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Not necessarily a bug - the faces are highly angled and so may not count as being "in front" given that.

Either way, there is a simple solution - use the rectangle tool to grab the majority of the faces, then swap to Paint Faces mode, and with CTL held down paint in those two missing faces into your selection.

These faces will of course be tricky to UV map, given how highly angled they are to a planar projection, so will be prone to texture stretching unless you compensate quite heavily in either the 2D texture or in the UV mapping by editing their mapping position and size.



Post by larjun // May 13, 2009, 3:22am

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Yes it's better than GS now.

Resizing could be done in UV (easy) and moving every UV part is not so difficult except when UV parts of some reason starts to be a group. When selecting one part (can't explain better what I mean) then the other side is selected to (in UV editor).

With undo this is no big problem.

My new problem is that when I try to boolean union the head to my UFO body it's impossibly to get the head and the body in one planar UV action (ex front side). Only the body appears in UV! I have tried a lots of tests to avoid this problem but the only way to get the head together with the body is to sweep a head from the neck...!!!

Can't understand this because when test with elemantary objects this works fine...???

Post by Jack Edwards // May 13, 2009, 12:23pm

Jack Edwards
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That's probably because they have different materials on them. You can use the previous and next buttons to cycle through the different materials when in the UVE.

You may have to paint the object with one material until you are finished laying out the UVs.
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