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Workspace window oddness // Archive: Tech Forum

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Post by Igor K Handel // Jun 15, 2008, 9:54am

Igor K Handel
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Hi guys here's a new one that someone may be able to cast some light on..

All this is workspace side..

Having customised my layout after your help from my last request, I thought that as a precaution I would test to make sure it worked, before I saved the layout, and made a tab for it.

I dragged a quick pre-made skeleton from my library into the scene. For a couple of minutes it worked fine, but then for no apparent reason TS froze completely. Everything stayed onscreen but I couldn't even alt Tab. In the end I had to hard reboot to get back to a working PC.

Needless to say TS then rebooted with the last scene open, and yes there was the skeleton. After going around in circles I discovered a couple of bizarre things. First and foremost, Though I could see the skeleton onscreen, it was NOT in LE.. very weird. Secondly I could use TS in workspace to work normally EXCEPT I had the unwanted Skeleton that could not be selected, deleted, or edited. The other weird bit was that I COULD add joints to the skeleton and they WOULD snap to the skeleton. I could even delete or manipulate my newly attached bones, but still not the offending skeleton.

In the end I discovered one workaround, but its not really a final answer. Strangely in the default layout, which now contains a pesky visitor lol, if I hit the orange triangle to go up a level, it disappeared. But hang on I thought the default screen WAS the top level????.

The workaround I came up with was to delete the default 3D window. Make a new 3D window and it was clear of bony intruders. It is a bit concerning that this new 3D window has named itself "system" hmm I suspect thats ominous. It also won't allow me to rename it?

That was yesterday.. LOL Today's project was to sort out a nice 4 view which I would assign to a tab. Easy Peasy.... ah ha. there's a damn skeleton come back to haunt me lol. Oh and the screen refresh rate has gone down the tubes. In fact its so bad that the overlaying tool icons are still showing up in my screen even as I write this (I know there is a bug that workspace icons dragged out of the immediate workspace window overlay any screen you change to IE model-side, but with TS minimised, the icons are even showing up on my Windows Xp screen as I type), interestingly Windows taskbar manager reports only 4% Cpu load. My graphics card has 512 meg on-board mem and the PC has 2 gigs of ram so I doubt that's what has run out to almost freeze the screen.. IE when I drag a 3D window I just get multiple new screen edges showing as a mess. I also seem to have lost the right hand section of the screen where the default tabs ; Library, Panels and settings normally resides, it's just showing a default blue background.

I guess an additional obvious question should also be; can TS support four small Workspace 3D windows open at the same time, as in many other 3D packages, or am I expecting too much? At the minute my skeleton friend is absent, but I know somewhere in the works he is lurking lol, he's already shown up once.

One suggestion I would have ... can we please not have the last scene open, opening as default on the next restart of TS, it causes more problems than the convenience is worth. I know I can save and make new scene THEN close but that gets tedious after a while.

Any suggestions or offers of exorcism welcome.



Post by notejam // Jul 31, 2008, 5:14am

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Try both of your reset to default option icons.

One is at top of screen in workspace.

The other is an icon down by the x y z, toward bottom of screen. You might have to slide that tool bar out a bit to see all its icons. It will be in the 5th column, counting from the left.

I do not know if there is any difference in these two default options, so I am just suggesting you try both, in case there is some difference, and see if that cures it.

If it does not cure it, I think doing a re-install of truespace 7.6 will cure it.

Post by stan // Jul 31, 2008, 5:30am

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there already is a 4 view setup. no need to make it anew its in the layout library or on the tabs ..just alter what is there and add the layout to the layout library as say my 4view or what ever you want to call it.

you shouldn't have to reinstall. reset to default should be enough. in the time with ts7.51 I never needed to reinstall no matter what I messed up.:) mind you I copy the default.ctx when everything is as I want it and replace the .ctx rather that reset to default due to the customized nature of my layout.

really you should save your layout as you create it so at least most is saved in the event of a fatal error like your skelly debockle.

Post by Igor K Handel // Jul 31, 2008, 5:47am

Igor K Handel
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Hi guys thanks for the replies.

Not sure why but this was origonally posted mid June.

In the end I had to delete the offending dodgy layout that contained my unwelcome friend, before even opening TS. Saved having to go through losing other bits n bobs with a reset to default.

Cheers for the help anyway... Am onto problems now lol

PS I still think that TS should open to a new scene by default... Just makes sense and is proactive in preventing some problems.


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