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Bump/Displacement Map question // New Users

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Post by xtetra // May 19, 2009, 6:49am

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I've used TS 6.6 quite a bit and have only just got around to learning whats new with 7.6. I'm pretty good with the material/texturing tools in 6.6 but I'm a little confused about texturing on the workspace side in 7.6

I see how to load a new image for your material but there doesn't seem to be a clear way to add bump maps (or displacement maps if 7.6 can handle them) Is this something you can't do on the workspace side? I've tried adding them on the model side but it they don't appear the way I want them to when I switch back to workspace.

I've been dividing my time between going through the training videos and just goofing around trying to make things...going to continue with the training but it would be nice if I could bang out a few cool things as well. Any pointers would be appreciated.


Post by TomG // May 19, 2009, 8:54am

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Model side had one "class" of shader, that fitted all purposes. Into it you loaded displacement, color, transparency and reflectance channels as you needed, to "make" a new shader.

workspace is different. Rather than have a shader with a preset collection of four channels, into which you load different processing for that channel, the shaders are all unique. One channel may have no bump mapping at all - and that means it doesn't have it, not that it has a bump mapping channel that is set to "None" and you can swap it over to be "Texture" or "Rough Leather" etc.

So it's a different way of working. You have to start by loading a shader that has all the channels you need - have a look in the libraries that come with tS, and you will find ones with Bump mapping, ones without, etc.

Note that bump mapping on the workspace side really means normal mapping. You may want to convert any greyscale bump maps to normal maps (there's a free utility on the web somewhere).


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