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Candlelight // Image Gallery

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Post by Weevil // Feb 15, 2009, 9:25am

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Cliche picture ahoy.

I'll spare you the captions I wrote for it

On second thoughts, No I won't

February 14th is Valentine's Day, with sudden unexpected increase of my attention thats been diverted towards the event, I join the millions of other artists making a picture...But not necessarily for the same reasons

A date that's celebrated much more globally than Christmas and one that receives much less media attention and a day hopeless romantics eagerly await, and the day florists get minted. Like Christmas there’s a “very special feeling” about the day, providing you remember it’s coming up....

Right from the outset Valentine’s Day has been struck with a kind of awkward irony; for a date that’s supposed to focus on love the date receives a considerable amount of the opposite, and in which, an argument always strikes up
“Too much media attention”
“It’s over rated”
“Why should I show my girlfriend just how much I love her for just one day?”

In modern society, over-complication of a set date by the media plays a heavy part, and shops making a boost in sales over these dates are ruining the magic of the event.
Or are they?
If we go back and look at older society and culture, Valentine’s Day was still widely celebrated and was still advertised by the equivalent of the media back then and shops changed their sales to fit accordingly, growing up in a modern society has meant the event has adapted to the way of life, and it seems fitting to integrate the day with the culture we’re living in, but then, it could always be called “Supply and demand”; it would be interesting to see what would happen if the day was not covered by the general media at all.

If you want a quiet day, you are not celebrating Valentine’s Day as a whole, but a specific part of the event, does that mean that you are only taking the parts you want?
But the point of these days were for happiness, and is it fitting to keep one part of the day that you don’t like just for the sake of formalities? Or should you celebrate it if you really have trouble with the event? Likewise should you cause trouble or let the trouble of others change things around?

Human nature is to adapt what is already there to fit their needs, Valentine’s Day on its own is not enough, and Valentine’s Day on its own is the hub for these arguments, likewise is Valentine’s Day the hub for the large amounts of artwork and poetry that gets produced. The official event itself is just a metaphor, and last I checked the media isn’t in your room when you get down to the real business of what Valentine’s Day is about, and once you pay the florist for flowers, he goes away.

A dilemma that is almost equally dominant is the need for gifts and flowers; do these things symbolise the event for you or are they a side show to keep this magic alive for the sake of it? If someone celebrates Valentine’s Day with you to keep you happy, have they actually inadvertently just done what the point of the day is all about?

Another interesting factor is that there a good number of people who despise Valentine’s Day because they have no-one else to be with or because it’s a metaphor or their concept of love, what would happen if two of those people were paired up together? After all, they’d have a lot in common....

Whatever your view and choices are on Valentine’s Day, please feel free to apply your logic about Valentine’s Day to Easter, Halloween, Christmas and any other national holiday you celebrate.

For an event that's supposed to be so simple, its amazing how much that can be written about it. Watch out, come easter I might try it again.

I've also tried a new image technique with this one called "Colour popping", first saw the technique in a photography magazine left on the train. An example is below
[link] (

Image made in Truespace 6.6 and paintshop pro 9

Post by Jack Edwards // Feb 15, 2009, 3:19pm

Jack Edwards
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Cool nice candle. :)

Post by kena // Feb 15, 2009, 3:42pm

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Veeery Rho-man-tik! Yeees...

Good pic - nice composition.

Post by Nez // Feb 16, 2009, 12:41am

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Man - are you sure you don't have a neck problem or something - all your images seem to be 'wonky' recently!:D

Nice job, well executed - a Valentines image? I didn't do one this year but have before...

Post by Weevil // Feb 16, 2009, 3:52am

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Decided to "fix" my opening message

Post by Délé // Feb 16, 2009, 5:11am

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Looks good. Nice work Weevil. :) is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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