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Wanna script a clock? // Collaboration

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Post by splinters // May 17, 2007, 11:25pm

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In the spirit of tS and collaboration here is an idea.

I am working on a funky 3D cube clock (in the WIP thread too) and I had a great idea. I am going to make each digit a single 15 grid unit as if it were moulded with plastic with 15 LED cubes inside. I want each unit to revolve so you can set each digit to the angle you want.

Now I would like to link each 'digit' to the numbers of the PC system clock so they show the actual time.

Finally I want this to be a mood clock so the LED's change gradually from red to blue, purple, green etc. perhaps suited to the time of day.

Once this is all in place it would be great to fit an alarm and maybe ambient noise to help you sleep...:D

One snag...I can model it but I cannot script at all. So if I carry on making the clock and anyone would like to script the above then we can share it in the community and even place it into trueplaces..

Anyone interested?

Post by ProfessorKhaos // May 18, 2007, 3:02am

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Ooooo Ooooo! Me Me Me! :)

Actually, the scripting part does sound interesting and the display updates would likely be very similar to my original 16 segment display. trueBlue had a great setup for reading time and I should think the angle issue would be easy to solve. Sounds are not something I've worked with before but I know they are possible. Enough separate elements in there for more than one scripter if a few folks want to get in on it.

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