Sunday December 16th - Developers Outreach

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Sunday December 16th - Developers Outreach // Collaboration

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Post by 3dvisuals dude // Dec 16, 2007, 7:06am

3dvisuals dude
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Hi folks,

This Sunday something entirely new will be coming to shared space and our Community here... an exciting new weekly Sunday meeting and workshop called "Developers Outreach."

These meetings will be on Sunday every week beginning at 12:00PM PST.
Initially I suppose we will utilize the Scriptorium Portal in truePlace for these meetings, but that may well change as we get underway together in this.

"Developers Outreach" will be an extremely active new "Community workshop," focusing very specifically on the following things:

1) 3D Immersive Scene Design and Marketing

Developing our individual skills together (both individually and in focused voluntary teams) in the specific direction of designing immersive scenes for direct personal income.

In this part of the workshop we will be examining and developing 3D Immersive Scenes for actual sale, lease, and licensing, worldwide.

There are numerous ways to secure an income through 3D Immersive Scene Design both offline and online (shared space portal packages, shared space server packages, Immersive truePlay CD's, etcetera) and we will be discussing them all together. Beyond that, in each case we will also actually be "going for it," both individually and in teams, the objective at these workshops being actual income rather than passive education.

How long it takes us each to begin securing real income from these workshops will of course be in direct relation to how much time and focus we each invest in these efforts. You alone will be determining in each case how to approach specific markets, although you will have a lot of help in that regard. So you could market inexpensive CD's in your area, or take a more profitable approach and design either portal scenes to license or server packages to market worldwide, the choice is entirely yours. One thing is certain though, there are ways to make a very good income with 3D Immersive Scene Design, and some of them could be genuinely lucrative.

2) Outreach Event Design and Implementation

In addition to identifying and approaching specific markets for income with our individual designs, we will also be "testing the waters" by designing scenes together which will be specifically targeted in their design to attract entirely new markets to shared space and trueSpace investment.

This will entail identifying markets which we decide would be "fun to approach," and designing both Introductory Imersive truePlay CD's and Temporary Portal Scenes together where we will hold occasional events designed to impress them with the potentials of shared space, and invite them to these events directly through the dissemination of Immersive CD's and/or downloadable Immersive truePlay Scenes.

This approach could of course lead to related income in several ways, but the primary distinction between these "outreach" approaches and the "marketing" approaches discussed above will be that these "outreach" approaches will just be more of "a fun thing to try together," more of a "shot in the dark" than a meticulously designed and focused business approach.

3) Shared Space Development Workshop

We all benefit from advancements in shared space, especially those of us with an eye toward profiting from it directly. In the course of the months ahead we will be encountering entirely new ways together to develop shared space and we will be sharing them openly as always.

The genuinely tremendous talent and innovation of the Caligari Community will always be introducing new and more wonderful capabilities and activities to shared space settings in the years ahead. In the Shared Space Development Workshop we will be constantly watching for and discussing together new ways in which we may adopt and adapt new scripting developments for shared space application and innovation. There will be no focus here on income at all, rather this particular aspect of the Sunday meetings will be focused on how we can immediately utilize new script developments in shared spaces for the benefit of everyone.


This has been a tremendous year for us all here in the Caligari Community and the coming year is already showing very clear signs of being exponentially better for us all than this year was. Hopefully this new initiative here may in time prove to be something very advantageous for each of us, and toward that end let's give it a go together and see where we can take it in 2008.
See you Sundays,

- 3dvisuals dude

Post by 3dvisuals dude // Dec 16, 2007, 7:10am

3dvisuals dude
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OK everybody!

I'm getting psyched about this one folks...

Were going to be covering a massive amount of ground very fast with this first meeting, so please, if you can, come there with XP if possible so you can hear audio and please don't use a microphone at all unless it is a part of your audio headset in order to eliminate echo which has a tendency to ruin meetings like this for everyone. Also you can come there with trueSpace7.51, the trueSpace7.5 Demo, or truePlay1.3, directions are in this post at the very bottom.

It looks already like this is going to be very popular and I'm very glad to see that. So far we have the following Sunday Roster of those coming whom I am aware of at this point, and it is a truly great start (names below are in no particular order at all):

3dfrog (definitely)

Frootee (definitely)

Noko (definitely)

Dele (if at all possible)

Roman (if at all possible but does have a prior commitment this Sunday)

Scala3D (definitely)

Dragneye (perhaps, and I hope so)

Butterpaw (definitely)

RAYMAN (definitely)

3dvisuals dude (definitely - sorry, but he has to be there! Hahaha!)

So, already we have 7 definite's and a few maybe's which is great, because experience has tought me that when it comes to shared space meetings there are usually at least as many folks who show up without saying they plan to as there are those who plan to and tell you so in advance. (Only a very few said they were coming to the last TNL meeting for instance and then 27 showed up!) So for our very first meeting of this type it appears we will likely have more than 14 people in attendance, and that's a truly great start indeed!

This first meeting will be more of a discussion period than a workshop, although in the weeks which follow both discussion periods and actual focus workshops will be conducted there in a far more orderly fashion for the sake of all who are there to do serious work.

This first meeting there will be a great many ideas from all of us and a great many questions as well from all of us pertaining to all of this, so we will let this first one go unstructured for the most part as an "orientation" if you will, and we'll just try to address as many of the questions as possible to "set the stage" fror our collective plans for this workshop in the meetings to follow.

As usual we will be chatting alot over each other which I have grown accustomed to pretty much. We will be staying though for the most part strictly within the very wide subject parameters of the meeting as described in the first post here in order to be certain that everyone's questions and ideas in relation to all this are attended to as best we can. I also anticipate a great deal of spontaneous collaborative input both in text chat and voice audio to simultaneously arise at these meetings in general and I'm extremely excited about that. There are a zillion ways we can all help one another develop income, develop shared space capabilities, develop each others immersive scene design skills, and develop numerous geniunely effective new market outreach programs which we would all benefit from, drawing entirely new groups for the very first time to shared space, trueSpace, truePlay and in time to the forum here as well.

Lets have fun and make some money together folks! This should become a great new event for us all!

Thanks, I'll see you all there in the truePlace Scriptorium at 12PM PST. (There is a Caligari Clock on the first link below - the Meeting starts when that Clock reaches 12:00PM)

(Complete directions follow below)

- 3dvisuals dude


Directions for those WITH an existing truePlace password:

Option 1:

Go to the following web page and look for the "Scripting Live!" links for either truePlay or trueSpace then click the one you wish to use.
(Please note that the Developers Outreach meeting on Sundays has the same portal address as the Tuesday Night Script meetings at the moment)

Option 2:

Download the scripted objects which I created (in the following forum posts) and click them to be taken there.

For trueSpace 7.51, 7.5, and the TS Demo:

I created a new object for trueSpace7.5x users who are either unfamiliar with setting the Network Server and Portal Settings (the Demo users for instance) or are like me and just get tired of doing it manually when you are in a rush.

Just load this puppy into Workspace or any scene and then click on it, it will automatically (and harmlessly) reset your current Network Server and Portal Settings (which you can do yourself manually anytime if you wish) to match "The Scriptorium" where our Meetings are held, and it will bring up the standard Shared Space "Login" Dialog to connect you right to us.

For truePlay Users:

for truePlay users - go to the following thread and download the scripted scene there then load it in truePlay and click on the green book inside the scene.

Directions for those WITHOUT an existing truePlace password:

(1) Getting a Password and Username to enter truePlaces:

(Our Sunday Meeting is held for now inside a truePlace Portal (#1212) and you will need both a Password and Username to enter there which is different from your Caligari Customer Password and Username. Also be sure to get your truePlace Password and Username during Caligari business hours well before the meeting begins)

(2) Instruction Page on Port Address Settings in trueSpace 7.5x:

(Note that the following instructions show you how to set the portal entry point in trueSpace to the truePlace Meetingroom (tpportal 1111) where once you arrive you will find an easel with an image on it which says "click here to enter the Scriptorium," and once you click on that image you will be instantly transported to the actual Script Developers Meeting held in tpportal 1212)

If there is no "easel" there to click in portal 1111, set your Network Properties according to the method described on the following page for tpportal server and for portal # 1212.

(3) The "connect to shared space" icon in truSpace7.5x:

The "connect to shared space" icon in trueSpace7.5x looks like two Avatars facing each other (ie: sharing space).

When you are all set and ready to connect you just need to click the appropriate icon in trueSpace and then enter your truePlaces Username and Password into the Dialog Box which will then pop up, then hit the "connect" button on the Dialog Box.

See you there folks!

Post by frootee // Dec 16, 2007, 9:59am

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goin on now folks!


Post by 3dvisuals dude // Dec 16, 2007, 11:58am

3dvisuals dude
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Apparently there has been a server crash during the automatic backup of the server.

No method will work to enter the tpportal server with either truePlay or trueSpace, the Cntx will not transfer although text seems to but in reality does not either . it only shows local text.

I popped a PM to Paul about it, sorry to the many people who were there when this happend by itself.

I discovered however that the tsportal server DOES work so I am now in the tsportal server at port 1111 if anyone cares to try to reconstruct our excellent but completely destroyed meeting there.

- Mark / 3dvisuals dude

Post by 3dvisuals dude // Dec 16, 2007, 2:43pm

3dvisuals dude
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Well that was perfect timing! Hahahaha!!!:p

Anyway, in spite of having the server crash on us we did manage to have a very interesting discussion session amongst us all for quite a while and that was very exciting!

Next week we will try this again with a similar discussion format. Then the following week we'll begin targeting specific objectives together, including areas where assistance is requested for specific immersive design training, Event Outreach target markets where we will select a fun market together and approach it together as described in this thread, and Shared Space Workshop projects will be selected where we will pull together to bring some of the amazing script developments of the last year into actual working examples ready to be introduced to existing truePlaces or new ones. Avatar Vehicles, Avatar Monorails, Avatar Airplanes... there are many things we can do on that subject together right away.

We had some truly great new and original ideas surface there from everyone as we started to toss all this around in general discussion. I knew that would happen and was delighted to see the depth of it all even in such a short span of time already.

Next week we will be ready with a backup room in advance on a separate server so if we encounter any more server issues we will simply transfer the meeting to another server. This will mean however that truePlay users will be left out if we have to transfer due to the fact that the server we would use as a backup will not permit truePlay users to log in there. So hopefully that won't be the case, but as we found in this meeting almost everyone attended via trueSpace rather than truePlay, so in a worst case scenario if it occurs again at least the majority of us will be prepared to make an instant transition to the other server.

We all discovered at this meeting the potential of working together on these projects and skills though, and the excitement in that room for doing so together via these new meetings was a very nice thing to experience.

Thanks everyone,

See you next Sunday!

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