Tuesday January 15 Scriptor Meeting

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Tuesday January 15 Scriptor Meeting // Collaboration

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Post by frootee // Jan 14, 2008, 5:21pm

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Script Developers Meeting - Tuesday January 15 2008

Hey Everybody!

We will be holding our Tuesday night scriptor meeting Tuesday, 6 PM Caligari time, in the Scriptorium. The scriptorium is located at: tpportal.caligari.com, port: 1212

I will be bringing a Square Wave Function Generator. Basically, to see it in 3D, I am using a sphere which follows the path of a square wave approximation generated in script. I will show several Orders of approximation.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their scripted projects as well, complete or incomplete.

The Birds of a Feather page shows the Caligari Time:


This is essentially free training folks. If you want to learn how to script your own behaviours for your 3D objects and worlds, or create your own meshes, etc., this is the place to be.

Hope to see you there!


Directions for those WITH an existing truePlace password:

Option 1:

Go to the following web page and look for the "Scripting Live!" links for either truePlay or trueSpace then click the one you wish to use.


Option 2:

Download the scripted objects which Mark created (in the following forum posts) and click them to be taken there.

For trueSpace 7.51, 7.5, and the TS Demo:

Mark created a new object for trueSpace7.5x users who are either unfamiliar with setting the Network Server and Portal Settings (the Demo users for instance).

Load this object into Workspace or any scene and then click on it. It will automatically (and harmlessly) reset your current Network Server and Portal Settings (which you can do yourself manually anytime if you wish) to match "The Scriptorium" where our Meetings are held, and it will bring up the standard Shared Space "Login" Dialog to connect you right to us.


For truePlay Users:

Go to the following thread and download the scripted scene there then load it in truePlay and click on the green book inside the scene.


Directions for those WITHOUT an existing truePlace password:

(1) Getting a Password and Username to enter truePlaces:

(Our Tuesday Night Meeting is held inside a truePlace Portal (#1212) and you will need both a Password and Username to enter there which is different from your Caligari Customer Password and Username. Also be sure to get your truePlace Password and Username during Caligari business hours well before the meeting begins)


(2) Instruction Page on Port Address Settings in trueSpace 7.5x:

(Note that the following instructions show you how to set the portal entry point in trueSpace to the truePlace Meetingroom (tpportal 1111) where once you arrive you will find an easel with an image on it which says "click here to enter the Scriptorium," and one you click on that image you will be instantly transported to the actual Script Developers Meeting held in tpportal 1212)


(3) truePlace "Scripting Live!" Page: (with countdown timer in PST):
(This is the Caligari Countdown Timer and Info Page for our Tuesday Meetings)


(4) The "connect to shared space" icon in truSpace7.5x:

The "connect to shared space" icon in trueSpace7.5x looks like two Avatars facing each other (ie: sharing space).

When you are all set and ready to connect you just need to click the appropriate icon in trueSpace and then enter your truePlaces Username and Password into the Dialog Box which will then pop up, then hit the "connect" button on the Dialog Box.

See you there folks!


Post by frootee // Jan 15, 2008, 6:43am

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This is the square wave function equation:

s(t) = Σ (A/n) * sin( n*t ); for n odd

where A is the amplitude, t is time, and n represents the 'order of approximation'.

For a square wave, we use only odd values for n.

In English, this means,

The waveform is the sum of n components described by the equation referenced above.


First Order approximation: n = 1

s( t ) = ( A/1 ) * sin ( 1*t ) = A * sin ( t ) [ Plain Old Sine Wave ]

Third Order approximation: n = 3:

s( t ) = ( A/1 ) * sin ( 1*t ) + ( A/3 ) * sin ( 3*t ) [ Sine wave with a fairly large bump at the top and bottom ]


s( t) = ( A/1 ) * sin ( 1*t ) + ( A/3 ) * sin ( 3*t ) + ( A/5 ) * sin (5*t ) [ Sine wave with 2 smaller bumps at the top and bottom ]

Notice how, as the frequency (the parameter inside the parentheses) increases, the Amplitude of the contributing component decreases inversely.

Also note that each increase in order of approximation adds a bump at the top and bottom. And, all of the bumps are smaller in magnitude.

So, we have an increased number of bumps, but a decreased amplitude in each bump.

If you think about it, this means we have an inverse relationship between the number of bumps (i.e. number of frequencies) and the amount of energy contributed by each frequency component.

HINT: This is a lead-in to Fourier analysis, in which we can sample a signal, and study the signal in the frequency domain via the Fourier Transform.

By doing this, we can see the frequency components and their amplitudes in any given signal. On application of this is 'radar jamming'. If you know the frequencies and amplitudes a radar is transmitting at, you can broadcast at those same frequencies, only with a higher amplitude, essentially 'overriding' the radar signal. Chances are, that's old school these days. :)

This implies that the higher order frequency components contribute less and less.

Here is a link to a 25-th order approximation to the square wave. As we increase the order of approximation, our waveform looks more and more like a pure square wave.


And that's Electrical Engineering 101. You can pick up your diploma at the front door. :)


Post by Ambrose // Jan 15, 2008, 8:49am

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ieeh FrooTee

If the times weren't bad enough that sure sqared the hell of me ;)

I hereby promise not to show up at any developer meeting if that's what one needs to be able to rable if you demand to as a secret member or something...

nahh kidding enough I need to get into some of these meetings...ij aj iie...

SeYa/Ambrose... and keep up all good work in community.

Post by frootee // Jan 15, 2008, 9:42am

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LOL! No problem Ambrose. Actually, once you see it in action it will make more sense.

Basically I am using a sphere which is moving in the x direction. The y component is driven by this equation.

We don't normally cover math stuff like this. This is something I've been wanting to do for quite awhile. When I was in college I had trouble 'envisioning' what these equations were 'trying to tell me'. But with truespace I can plug in an equation and see the pattern in 3D.

If you can make it that'd be great! The more the merrier. I think some other folks are going to be bringing some stuff less math intensive as well.

Hope to see you there!


Post by Délé // Jan 15, 2008, 9:57am

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This is simple stuff Ambrose. We usually talk in machine code at these meetings. :p


Na, things are usually explained pretty well. Most everyone there is willing to help others understand stuff too. So if you don't understand something, you can just ask and someone will likely explain it. We're all sharing and learning with each other. :)

Post by frootee // Jan 15, 2008, 11:53am

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haha... Yep... Sometimes we test our telepathic abilities too... :D

Frog is going to be bringing a project he needs some scripting help with too folks, so let's help him out.

And Scala, an emerging scriptor, has some really cool ideas which he will need some help with too. Scala is interested in rotating a pharaoh type object, and wants to be able to project an image of this rotating object onto a screen which is placed behind the object.

So let's help these guys out tonight!


Post by Scala3D // Jan 15, 2008, 12:56pm

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Frootee, your too kind. I have a long way to go... I know Linux shell scripting....lol. I don't think that will help me here. I do want to get Dele's permission to see if he would like to help me create a miniature "King-Tut" pyramid city like on a big Stone table, using his "Size-O-matic" script shrink down into the miniature city and explore the "Pyraminds"...I know crazy Idea, that might be too much for the shared-space environment.

Post by frootee // Jan 15, 2008, 1:12pm

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Hi Scala. I think that would be fine, since we can talk about the scripts of the size o matic. It'd be very good for us all to learn exactly how they function, and to see a real world example in action. Yes, it would be very important to check the file size of the size o matic Plus the other items.

Post by frootee // Jan 15, 2008, 2:04pm

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arighty folks. Looks like frog is up first; then scala.

I'll present after that.

See you there!


Post by Délé // Jan 15, 2008, 2:44pm

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The Size-O-Matic script is very simple Steve. I'd be happy to show you how it works and it wouldn't take long at all. I'll pull out the old projector screen and show you a few of it's inner workings. The function that I use is actually one of the functions that I find most useful. So you will likely be able to use that function for many other things as well. :)

The only thing to keep in mind is that the Size-O-Matic seems to only work locally. When used in shared space it shrinks everyone at the same time. I think trueBlue found a way around that though. So maybe if he's there he can interject those findings. Perhaps we can even do some tests to see if we can get it to work. ;)

See you guys there. :)

Post by frootee // Jan 15, 2008, 2:54pm

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thanks Dele. Maybe the projector screen you are referring to can be used for the pharaoh. Sounds cool!


Post by Scala3D // Jan 15, 2008, 3:18pm

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Cool, I am looking forward to it. Seriously, you guys (Dele, Frootee, TrueBlue, NightFlight) you guys make it look so easy. You guys are talented. Thanks for welling to help me (us) out. This community is so cool, thanks for making it that way. I can't believe it took me so long to be active in this forum.

Post by jamesmc // Jan 15, 2008, 3:20pm

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Frootee's formulae reminded me of a computer class I attended in the 1980s.

It was a class to get everyone up to snuff for configuring computers in machine language for a NASA funded project.

Everyone in the class was a programmer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer - but me.

The class was taught on my level and I learned a lot.

The programmers, double "E's" and the Mechanical E's were bored to death. :)

Post by frootee // Jan 15, 2008, 3:29pm

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hehe... cool! 0's and 1's... oh what fun!
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