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Looking for Illustrator to do some product Brand images // Collaboration

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Post by LOGICBit // May 16, 2008, 8:34am

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Hey folks,

We are currently looking for one or two artist to create our company's product line and brand imagery. The company is LOGICBit but it is for our software subsidiary LOGICBit Science and Technology Corp.

We provide US government agencies with enterprise SOA frameworks and RIA applications. Our clients include the DIA, DODIIS, NSA, DOD, Marine Intelligence as well as Lexus-Nexis, BioGen and JackBe. The product is unique and is more of a enabling technology and framework that fits well within the SOA RIA Mashup space.

We have hired several agencies but none have been clever enough to get our message across, so I have decided to reach out to the Truespace community to see if we can find the right individual(s) to create our artwork.

It will be a challenge. The name of the brand is is used for several products in different industries including CGI. We don't want to use any cliche's, magic wands or top hats. We don't need a logo that is nothing more than a type face. What we want is a illustration in 3D preferably one that looks good in a white background that conveys a modern unique look that we can use on packaging, brochures and the web.

This is work for hire so please only respond if you think what you can produce is of the highest quality. You create, send us a small image as sample of concept and price for moving forward either on a piece by piece basis or for bulk work. If you accept the challenge make sure that you would be available for additional work. We need some animations for our website as well. We are only looking for 1 or 2 artist that can work together to produce the highest quality work.

If interested please provide me with a link to some of your work, I will provide the details of what we want. You produce the POC and we can go from there.

Some of you may remember me. A decade ago I wrote Inside Truespace 4. If Truespace ran on a Mac we wouldn't be having this conversation :)

Thanks and have a pleasant evening.

Frank A. Rivera


Post by splinters // May 16, 2008, 9:13am

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Hi frank, I have your book right here on my desk; it was very inspirational to me when I first started using tS seriously.

Well, logo's and icons are pretty much a forte of mine but it really depends what you want.

I have designed many logos for books and some for clients and you can view a selection at my website:


I also designed the icons for trueSpace since version 7. While these are not logos I do have to design a large range of images (all are 3D) to describe a particular function. While some have made clear their dislike of the tS7 UI I don't recall anyone actually saying they did not like the icons themselves.

Recently I finished a large project for an online University/school which I could sent privately as I am still under an NDA with the client. I designed a simple animated logo for that project too.

I tend to like logos that play on objects interaction; never really relying on fonts alone and definitely avoiding anything 'twee' (kids stuff aside).

I am pretty busy for the next week or so but then I have some free time. If all this sounds interesting then feel free to PM or email me...:D

Edit: never one to talk myself out of a job but tS7 has been seen running on a mac.....

Post by LOGICBit // May 16, 2008, 9:36am

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Thanks for the kind words. I love your stuff. I have forwarded you site to some of my staff and they will have a look. the brand name is HOUDINi. We have several products BSX, ESBx, DESC, DESCtop etc. that all fall under the HOUDINi moniker. As I said we don't want any magic trick cliche's and as you know there is a CGI package with the same name but it is a single product. the HOUDINi name is our brand for real-time SOA. Some of our tag lines are Unleash you SOA. It's not magic, it's HOUDINi etc. We do not like the CGI use of the name Houdini as just text with a spiral and any form like that would confuse people doing a google search. Our towering product is HOUDINi BSX. But most just know it as HOUDINi and our client application is a RIA called DESCtop (Declarative Enterprise Services Consumer)top. If you have any questions ping me. I have my guys give you feedback as well. Thanks. -frank

Post by Breech Block // May 16, 2008, 9:40am

Breech Block
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Hi Frank. I know this is off topic, but I just had to grab this opportunity to say a personal thank you for your marvellous book Inside Truespace 4. After all this time it still takes pride of place on my bookshelf and as an infrequent hobbyist its always the first place I turn to for help. Many, many thanks.

Post by parva // May 16, 2008, 9:44am

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why not make an open logo/brand contest?

Or maybe I don't understand it right ^^

Post by LOGICBit // May 16, 2008, 10:00am

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Breech Block,

Many thanks, I had a lot of fun writing it.

Post by LOGICBit // May 16, 2008, 10:03am

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that is a good idea and one we explored. if we had a contest i'm sure we would have a lot of great content to choose from but the winner may or may not want to do this type of work (we have need of more than just a single image/concept) we wanted to find an artist and style that we could leverage whenever the need arose.


Post by prodigy // May 16, 2008, 11:14am

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Hi Frank,

here you can see few examples of my work + all that you can find arround here in the forum :)



**I have some other examples and animations but most of them can't be published in public so fell free to contact me.

Post by LOGICBit // May 18, 2008, 2:33pm

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I have forwarded your link to some of the guys here. I do not have Java enabled so I will leave it to them to get back to me with some comments. Thanks.
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