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Help wanted, character modeler // Collaboration

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Post by nigec // Mar 9, 2009, 11:30am

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I'm looking for some one that could do a bones animated character of a hobo/tramp kinda thing.

Its for a 3D game with Awakening, TBH I've only ever used poser/Daz models as I suck at characters and bones animation, but Awakening does seem to import X format from workspace with animation but no textures

The character needs to be a single texture, with idle and walk animation (for now), the game I posted in games development ran the hi res Poser 4 boy with no problems but a lower poly count would be better.

The game is a remake of flash game me and another guy did in 2007 for the HP Lovecraft Commonplace Book Project, The game is called Handyman Wanted, it came 4TH and still gets downloaded today, the game was dogged with engine problems so quite a lot of it was a compromise just to be able to finish it, I always intended to re do it to how I wanted it to be.

If anyones interested drop me a pm or reply here, there's no real panic


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