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tS 6.6 as an install option // Feature suggestions

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Post by nowherebrain // Oct 6, 2008, 5:11am

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Why not remove tS 6.6 for those who do not wish to use it by adding an install option for it. Best of both worlds here, some hate the bridge some love it. I feel this is the best next step for full removal of legacy code.

Post by DanX // Nov 24, 2008, 2:56am

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There are many different users of Truespace I think the bridge slows the software down. I purchased version 7 when it was first offered to current 6.6 users and I still use 6.6. I have only just now started to use 7.6 to work on my animations and I still feel some of the things in version 7 are way to radical of a change. Although I might work on it more if it wasn’t so sluggish and buggy. Don’t get me wrong I love TS and am a loyal supporter , hehe and unlike a lot of people I like Microsoft and believe in their ability to improve this software. These are just the facts as I see them and my opinion.

I think it would help to remove the bridge but I also think that the software could be broken up and geared more to individual users and their target or purpose for using a 3d software package. In other words I don’t necessarily want to have collaboration software since I use TS for video animation and not to design jewelry for clients. For my purpose I would like to see a fast easy to use molder, better texture mapping and procedural texture control, better animation tools, more compatibility with other software packages, better video rendering options other than AVI, compression options, composite options and compatibility with hd video cameras or at least other video editing software, better sound editing ability.

If you want TS to get the recognition it deserves then it needs to be less constrained by incompatibility with other proprietary formats used by other high end software packages like MAX, Maya, light wave, C4D, Vue . A captive audience is limited to the size of the prison. Hope this helps out those interested.

Sorry I dont post much in any fourm.

see ya.

Post by transient // Nov 24, 2008, 6:25pm

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I'm not sure what the issue is, as you can always disable the bridge and never go to modeler. I use 6.6 mainly because it lacks the baggage of workspace and doesn't have the wasted screenspace of 7.6 intruding on it.

It's only when doing hazardous things like metaballs that I use modeler, as it's a bit more stable and only crashes out to the desktop, instead of the dreaded bsod.

When I use workspace it's normally only for workspace things and vray, but it's nice to have modeler there to import 6.6 scenes/ objects or obj files. It's still early days for workspace, I'm sure it will improve. The last patch was a major improvement imo.:)
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