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Material exchange // Feature suggestions

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Post by thescottishbloke // Nov 29, 2008, 10:57pm

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Does anyone think that a good suggestion would be for either Caligari or someone else to produce a site that people could upload there material libraries and other people could download them, like

Post by TomG // Dec 1, 2008, 2:41am

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TurboSquid would make that possible, you could export test objects or scenes with the materials applied as perhaps the easiest way. Not sure about simply saving a material directly as an RsObj perhaps without geometry. Either way, some good descriptions, categories and tags would make things easy to find there.

This would be preferable (in my mind) to setting up separate sites for separate things, scripts here, materials there, etc. You could find everything from tutorials to materials to scripts to objects to layouts to scenes to models to widgets, all in one place, with powerful search tools to locate what you need.


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