BVH anims not working anymore!

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BVH anims not working anymore! // Bugs

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Post by tamtam // Mar 16, 2008, 9:59am

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Yesterday I was using .bvh mocap from TrueBones's site on body meshes for a game i've been planning (and trying to make). The animations worked fine that day, but I played back the scene animations for the male characters today, and they just move back and forth, standing as if they were frozen in their current frame. The bones and joints turned into meshes also. I tried using the Link Editor to see if I could find the problem, but the .bvh animations were all still there, just not working.

I've included a zip file with a video of the problem in action. The video capture utility I used is called CamStudio, and plays back the video really slow, so sorry about that.

any help is appreciated!


- tamtam

Post by Jack Edwards // Mar 16, 2008, 1:32pm

Jack Edwards
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Hi Tamtam,

Did you edit the meshes in Model side after skinning them? If so you may have destroyed the Workspace side rigging data.

Post by tamtam // Mar 16, 2008, 2:01pm

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Nope, I don't think I did anything to the meshes after skinning them on the workspace side, except that I saved each mesh on the model side after the animations were done with the .bvh files. I think that's the only way to save your meshes for other things (like game creation).

Thankyou, but if you, or someone else could describe to me what's going on, and tell me how to fix this problem, that would make me so happy! (I've worked so hard to get the graphics made for a game i've been developing and working on for about two or three years now, and it's nowhere near completion.)

By the way, i'm going for a human simulation game geared more at machinima (making movies with games) than gameplay. So far I have the animated heads, the characters' bodies, the skin textures, clothing meshes, clothing textures, some interface stuff, intro movies (one for the original, and three others for the expansion packs), a wall mesh, wall textures. It's hopefully going to be sort of like a mix between The Sims 1, and The Sims 2. And for the programming, i'm using Dark Basic Pro.

Post by mrbones // Mar 16, 2008, 6:33pm

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I dont think you can save the meshes with bvh skeletons attached on the model side.

Unless they are .cob bones.

Save the meshs as an object into the workspace librarys or select the bvh anim clip in the AE and save as a anim clip.

That way you can save the attached mesh with no animation as a placeholder for motion then apply the anim clip to each actor as needed from the library.

Let me know if you need any more assistance with TrueBones BVH.

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