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Default file paths for 6.6 // TS6 and Older

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Post by Eido // Apr 20, 2006, 10:49am

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I have recently added a file server to my home network as I tend to flit from room to room, sometimes on laptop, sometimes on desktop. This gives me a headache whne I have been working on a project on a machine that is currently turned off as I have to go and turn it on. Also keeping my textures files sync-ed is a pain.

Soooo.. what I want to do is locate all of my work on the server. I would be great if I could set the default texture, project, scene and preferences files to the server so no matter which machine I am on, everything will be the same.

I have tried editing the config file but it seems to reset itself. Also changing the texture path seems to make no difference when I go to load a texture.

Any advice?

Post by scarroll // Nov 13, 2006, 11:24am

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You can try my "Clean up 3D texture map references" utility. It will normalize texture map paths and remove the embedded hard drive letter in .cob files. This prevents those countless prompts for the user to locate what would otherwise be obvious (like finding a texture map in the same folder as where the object is located!). Let me know if the utility works for you or if you encounter any bugs. Honestly, trueSpace should incorporate this into its design. Relative file path is intuitive and an embedded harddrive letter?, well thats just WRONG, it should never do that! With your cleaned up object file, you should be able to distribute it or put it on a network drive/CD/DVD without any problem. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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