proTeam Illustrating Products Course - Crash ts6.6 after loading scenes

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proTeam Illustrating Products Course - Crash ts6.6 after loading scenes // TS6 and Older

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Post by joeduf // Dec 14, 2006, 5:16pm

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Please help if you can! No matter what scene I try to load into ts6.6 from the Illustrating products course I seem to be missing bitmaps from the courses .ZIP files.

The kicker is after either attempting to locate the images manually (and failing) and clicking cancel or simply choosing No from the "Locate..." dialog the program will crash and exit.

My Repro Scenario:

1. Try to load scene 017.scn from the Illustrating Products Pt. 1.scl sub-dir (from the file).

2. Click "No" three times; once for each of the missing textures (not included in the Misc Images sub-dir of the Resources.ZIP file)

3. Click "Ok" on file dialog warning about the missing textures.

4. POOF! Bye bye ts 6.6

Is there anything I can do to load the scenes without crashing or perhaps obtain the missing images somehow other than by drawing them :-)

Frustrated newb, thanks for any help in advance.

Post by Cayenne // Dec 15, 2006, 12:29am

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Hi I believe the missing textures are included in the

thank you


Post by joeduf // Dec 16, 2006, 10:51am

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I don't have access to the file via download and it was not included on the packaged / box CD's I received in the mail. Whom should I call / or email about this?

The course material is excellent but it would've been nice to actually follow along doing the steps myself since the tutorials progress at near light speed... at least from my perspective.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, is there a problem with my installation of ts6.6 or is this a known issue? I don't recall ts 5 exhibiting the same crash behavior upon failing to locate a bitmap. If anyone can follow the reproduction scenario in the previous message and not end up with a crash then I'd like to hear from them. I'd be happy to test on another system or simply chalk it up to an old / upgraded OS on my current box that possibly needs cleaning / re-installation.

What confuses the hell out of me is that if I create a new ts 6.6 scene, say add a cube, paint it with some material containing a bitmap, save the scene, delete the original bitmap map, and finally reload the scene the scene still contains the bitmap material, as if it were being stored in the scene as opposed to referenced from the filesystem.

Any help, or advice on how to locate the missing files would be appreciated...perhaps a list of what each course should contain so I could compare the list to what I actually received.

Thank you.

Post by Steinie // Dec 16, 2006, 11:23am

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mousefrontviewline.jpg are not on the cd
There is no on the cd

Joeduf, I found it on Caligari's download site. Here you go...:)

Post by joeduf // Dec 16, 2006, 1:13pm

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Thank you very much! Now I can actually go through the motions of the course and the scenes requiring the textures load correctly without crashing trueSpace!

Thanks again! I've already learned more from the courses in a few days then I have gathered over years of playing with trueSpace on my own.

It's very encouraging to have a friendly support community / forum as well.

Best of luck to all of you, your projects, families, and whatever else may keep you happy this holiday season! is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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