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ts6.6 cob data structure // TS6 and Older

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Post by mmakrzem // Jun 7, 2007, 6:37am

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I am having some difficulties using the cob file format. I am trying to create a simple 3 chain skeleton, say for a human arm which I'm going to import into my own game engine.

I have a hand, forearm and bicep. Each of these items are separate objects in the scene.

When I try to "glue as a child" the hand to the forearm, a new group is created but inside this group both the hand and the forearm are inside. I would expect the forearm to be the parent of the hand but it is not. When I compare this action to "glue as sibling" I get the same result. Is this a bug in trueSpace 6.6? Anyway, after fumbling around in the Scene Editor I was able to get the hierarchy that I need Bicep->Forearm->Hand. where -> means "is the parent of" Is there a way to parent the bicep, forearm, hand without using groups?

When I look at the saved COB file's PolH data I have a problem with the transformation matrix values. Even through my geometry is grouped in a tree structure, all values in the transformation matix are with respect to the global co-ordinate frame. This means that I do not have my hierarchy structure thus I can not animate my 3D model in my game engine. My hand co-ordinates are not with respect to the forearm. If I move my forearm, the hand does not move with it. Is there anyway that I can extract the position and orientation values of my objects with respect to the "parent-child" relationship that I created using the Scene Editor?

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