Where is default setting for rendering?

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Where is default setting for rendering? // TS6 and Older

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Post by chromedragon // Jun 24, 2007, 5:38am

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Upon entering TS, I would normally open a new top or side view. If I don't remember to check the 'Choose Renderer'. theses new views will always render solid. How do I set TS so ALL views are ALWAYS in wireframe? I can then select when I want the app to show me a view is solid.

I have attached a small pic to provide a view of the area concerning me.

Post by spacekdet // Jun 24, 2007, 4:41pm

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Take a gander at this and see if it makes sense.

The important step is step 3.

Post by chromedragon // Jun 25, 2007, 10:30am

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Thanks Spacekdet! I have did that several times but the one thing I NEVER did was #3! (How embarrassing!)
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