TS 6.6 and Realmcrafter and vista issues

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TS 6.6 and Realmcrafter and vista issues // TS6 and Older

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Post by pkburr02 // May 22, 2008, 7:26am

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I wanted to find out if anyone uses TS 6.6 with Realmcrafter. I have been playing around with it and it seems that TS might be ok for static models however for animated I'm better of finding something else. I dont' have as much time as i use to for modeling, but it seems every minute I do have free i'm spending reading up on blender which I'm not liking at all.

Also does anyone else have issues with TS and Vista? My wife got me a new laptop which unfortunately came with vista, and i've come to get use to it, however I'm still having graphical anomilies. Mainly when i drag textures onto a model it doesn't want to refresh correctly and I see the startup splash screen bleed through, and Rendering is impossible, it doesn't render anything, it just keep working and sits there.

Post by TomG // May 22, 2008, 8:59am

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Vickie Eagle has used gameSpace with Realmcraft for her Witch Gate game and others. gameSpace is directly equivalent to tS6.6 (but with improved X format export, previously available in the gamePak).

Here's a wee article:


She also attends these forums so should be able to help with specific questions and queries.



Post by Breech Block // May 22, 2008, 2:51pm

Breech Block
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I have trueSpace 6.6 and Vista (64 bit). I'm very happy with Vista as an OS. Its very stable, very fast and all my hardware works no problems. All my software works great too including some real old games I bought 5-6 years ago. That is all except trueSpace. Sometimes it will crash every 5 mins then it works for 5 hours straight. I have read that the way Vista drivers render graphics are fundamentally different and that no "rendering" software designed for XP will ever be glitch free on Vista. I get far better results and more stability changing the renderer to Open GL but it is still far from ideal. Strange thing is, I built my computer system myself with better rendering power in mind, hence I have 4 gig of memory and thus need a 64 bit OS to utilise it. Short-term I'll probably just solve the problem by buying 7.6. Long term, I hear that trueSpace 8 will be fully 64 bit.

Post by pkburr02 // May 22, 2008, 4:10pm

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Actually Vickie should be getting kick backs from Caligari and Solstar Games, it was because of her interview and screenshots that I wanted to get Realmcrafter, I won't like I figured it would be easier to use, than it is, but her screenshots look awsome I thought.

Post by nowherebrain // May 29, 2008, 1:48pm

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none of it is easy, when you are starting out...just stay with it and good luck.;)
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