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So yeah... // Rants and Raves

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Post by Weevil // Jul 27, 2008, 3:42am

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Yeah I download TS 7.6. They say not to bite the hand that feeds you because I know it's free and it may be for those people still working with 4 and 5 but I can't help noticing these certain things.

The workspace...thing is a real pain, because half the quality just goes down the drain when I switch back to workspace, it takes forever to load and some tools and features I can't get in model space and every other tool I can't get in visa versa.

Offline rednerer? NO! What would I need one of them for? Just render the damn thing! Oh wait...
Half of the new features seem inoperable because I can't get on the net on my PC.

It has all these tabs that keep referring to TS 6, where's the new stuff aside from all these flashy buttons and scenes that take longer to load for no apparent reason? It seems to me like we're taking a step forward whilst facing the wrong way. It's eliminated half of the helpful lighting setups and above all the *new* filetypes are just plain confusing and in all honesty I just switched back to 6 because it's seems to me like TS has been converted from everything it was into the same product just with different panels

I've been looking for a document that says 'what's new in Truespace 7' and I haven't found it yet. If I had something on paper that doesn't try to white wash me with 'Bright and shiney, ooooh' like all the other documents have, I should be able to see what's been done and why which is the improtant one. It just seems to me that Truespace has died and fell in line with all the other apps out there

Am I missing something really obvious here? I've been getting the impression that TS 7 is a bigger improvement like the rest of the versions have been or have I not found the button that opens up the goldmine or have I expected too much of an improvement?

EDIT: Grilling welcome I guess, I'll get some frankfurters and bacon to help things along but then, I'd like to know what's what I suppose and what all the fuss is about because...well I don't see it

Post by Emma // Jul 27, 2008, 3:57am

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Sounds to me that you are coming new from 6.x version and that will be one of the main reasons for complicatons. But first at all take a look at the specifications of trueSpace 7.6

you will notice that when you come from pre 7.x versions that there is a lot of stuff you will never have seen in old versions.

- the user interface in Worksapace is similar, but not the same as in Model side

- there is something called "Bridge" which does the synchronisation between Workspace and Model, that means it converts whatever it can, but it surely can not everything. A good example for this is the relatime view of lights and material that you see in Workspace, but will never see (nor have seen in older versions) on Model side. If you only want to work on Model side you switch synchronisation OFF that gives you more speed then (look in the FAQ here in the forum or in the manual)

- Offline render, well this is new in Workspae, on Model side you have your good old LW or VL renderer but on Workspace you can not use them. You have there two other ways:

- - render your realtime view to a file

- - use high quality renderer like momentarily VRay as offline (VRay has to be bought separate and is not included in the free version)

I would suggest to take a look at some of the videos you can find at

don't know if you noticed that they are also free now (many people think the 132MB which they download with the program are the free courses, no, that are only videos linked to the manual)

YES, you are very right, the improvement in 7.X are huge and that tells already ather has to be some time invested in learning all that new stufff, but it's worth it, believe me.


Post by TomG // Jul 27, 2008, 7:22am

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If workspace is running slow, it could be a hardware issue. For me the workspace is MUCH faster in complex scenes than Model side. What graphics card are you running on, with how much memory on the card, and how much RAM in your machine?

Older machines will find the workspace slow - anything like an NVIDIA 5x series for instance will slow to a crawl (as they don;t have hardware support for DX9.0c and Pixelshader2.0).

Let us know your hardware set up and we'll see if that might be the cause!



Post by Jack Edwards // Jul 27, 2008, 7:51am

Jack Edwards
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Another thing to keep in mind is that deep hierarchies tend to cause a slowdown in Workspace much more so than in Model side, so it can help to simplify your hierarchies. The Model-side MeshCollapse plugin can help with that. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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