Windows does my nut in!!

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Windows does my nut in!! // Rants and Raves

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Post by Igor K Handel // Aug 2, 2008, 11:58am

Igor K Handel
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Xp stable for months.. Check

Auto windows restore option... Check

Firewall... check

Virus checker.. check

Go to start system tools services to start a service for 3rd part defrag prog.... What the... no.. you are kidding me.. What do you mean what program do I want to use to open this program... I'm just try to open the services panel, I shouldn't need to pick a program from a list that includes TS, paint packages and blasted card games to see the services.

Yes I am the same user that has admin rights..

The icons in the control panel administrative panel now all have shortcut arrows on em rather than program icons only?

Hmm.. ok I do a quick system restore... easy as pie.. been on auto restore points for months..

NOOOOO the only available restore point is for today, NO others exist, yet the option for restore monitoring is ON for both drives....?? Meanwhile Mr Gates is sunning himself somewhere lol

suggestions please?

Edit... hmmm hang on a minute I have this vague recollection of a threatfire alert when auto updating a firefox addon this afternoon, I quarantined it a the time thinking it was a bit unlikely to be a real threat..

Rummages in threatfire quarantine... well would you look at that a system32 file sitting there all pretty.

Runs different virus checkers on system file... clean as a whistle..

Restore file from quarantine.. Bobs yer uncle admin system tools available again....

Hmm but whats with the lack of system restore points.. not sure on that one.

Ok Mr Gates I'll let you off with a warning this time :D

Carry on


Post by Jack Edwards // Aug 2, 2008, 12:27pm

Jack Edwards
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