Better than ringing my Ex boss

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Better than ringing my Ex boss // Rants and Raves

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Post by Igor K Handel // Aug 4, 2008, 8:07am

Igor K Handel
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As I mentioned a few weeks I go I was made redundant from my job as a tower crane driver about 5 weeks ago.

As this is not only the most fun job I ever had , but also they paid just silly money for me to effectively play with their very expensive toys it was not the best news I ever had.

I have been driving for the third largest crane company in UK, as an employee for the last two years. This is quite unusal as only 3 uk crane companies have employees. Cranes are usually driven by agency drivers with all the insecurity that agency work involves.

Due to the unanounced UK ressession here in the UK the backside has just plummeted out of new highrise buildings getting the go ahead to start from the banks or whoever funds the site startup money. So in theory my employer has mountains of work on the books, but all the new sites are currently mothballed as the funds aren't being released.

I had no hard feelings toward my employer as redundancies seemed to be based on length of service, which I thought was fair enough. I did find it irksome that some unrealiable and downright lazy drivers were still working away but figured it was based on the fact they had more years service than me. Some drivers had already been made redundant before me, and no doubt some will have been given the heave ho since. It was also luck of the draw when my latest crane was no longer needed on the site I had been working at for the last 6 months. I would had have been still working if the job wasn't now complete or another site was starting up.

What was more irksome was when I did some holiday cover on 3 different sites.. all 3 sites rang my boss and asked if they could keep me rather the the drivers they had..Laziness . safety, attitude whatever.. They were all told no and 3 weeks later I got the heave ho.

But I can live relatively calmly with all of that. However today I discovered that a driver who has only been with the company 1 year is STILL working away happy as larry, AND he lives further from the job from me and so is costing an extra £150 a week in accommodation expenses.... DAMMIT so it was totally luck of the draw who got the heave ho depending on when you finished the contract you were on... I should have driven slower for petes sake ggrrhh.

Felt like a rant at my ex boss, but maybe that aint such a good idea for future prospects.... But I write here to get it off my chest

Grrhhh it just sux

Ik (grumpy and unimpressed )

Post by RichLevy // Aug 4, 2008, 9:54am

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After 32 years as a union carpenter, I completely understand your pain :). I shattered my wrist almost 2 years ago on the job... now I am approaching 50 and in the eyes of the industry, "damaged goods". I can still do many of the things I used to do... though it is rather painful most of the time... I am working whenever and wherever I can find work. I just came off a 6 month stint in Atlantic City, a 100 mile drive to work and another 100 to get home...

This industry is really more about being a buddy with connections than it is about being a hard worker...

I hope things turn around for you soon.


Post by Igor K Handel // Aug 4, 2008, 9:56am

Igor K Handel
Total Posts: 411
Ouch thats a heck of a daily commute

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