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Post by Steinie // Jul 27, 2006, 1:30am

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This is really for all the "Guest" that come here. Check out Caligari's main page for the $19.95 special. I taught lot's of kids (including my own) how to do 3d using this version and it is a great product! Don't be fooled thinking it's not powerful, just look at some of the examples shown in the ad. Plus you get the advantage of talking to us! :rolleyes: As you can tell I love trueSpace and have been using it for many many years. If your a tad bit interested in 3D this is a GREAT place to start! So put down those PS2, XBox games and become the next generation of game designers! I dare you.

p.s. Did I mention It's FUN!


Post by TomG // Jul 27, 2006, 4:16am

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I have fond memories of trueSpace4, it was the first purchased version of tS for me (before that I had a free trueSpace2 from a magazine cover disk). And indeed, you can do a lot with it! We hope to be welcoming many people to the community with this offer, and be seeing a whole bunch of new 3D art and questions and comments on this forum too! Should be fun!


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