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Post by Unregistered // Aug 5, 2006, 4:50am

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Hi can someone please help, im new to 3D animation, im slowly picking it up, there is just an animation problem I have, I have animated a camera pan around my scene, -

Problem 1 -

Now I want the camera just to stay still, not moving, nothing moving on the scene, but it wont let me do that, i insert frames, but it wont pick up on the fact im trying to insert them frames for some reason.

Problem 2 -

When I click my camera, the current frame number is "3000" ... dont ask, I dont know why its so high, and when I click another object on my scene the current frame number is "0", why wont it let me carry on from where i left off?

Please help - Thanks

Post by hemulin // Aug 5, 2006, 5:20am

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Make sure that in the animation options it is set to animate the 'scene', not an object or whatever else there is, I think you get to options by right clicking on the animation toolbar, it's been a while since I used tS3 :rolleyes:

Post by Unregistered // Aug 5, 2006, 9:24am

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One more question, when I model humans, how do I make it so when I move the top half of the arm, the rest of the arm goes with it?

Post by Unregistered // Feb 29, 2008, 11:03pm

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Hi there,

I wonder how can i make a object to have its own light, like glow effect.

I have truespace 3.2

Post by notejam // Mar 5, 2008, 6:26am

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You can put a light or lights inside an object, and then use glue as sibbling or child, to attach them. They then travel along with the object. Paint the object transparent as glass and the lights can be seen inside.

Post by TomG // Mar 5, 2008, 8:27am

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You can make materials appear to have their own light by raising the Ambient parameter in the reflectance shader. This will make the material show up even without any lights in the scene.

Note that the material will not emit light (this is not possible in tS3.2, though is in tS6.6 and above). You can simulate that, as mentioned below, by adding lights near the object or inside the object (if inside, be sure to turn off shadow casting for the light).

Also note that getting a glow around the object is not possible with post processing, and can't be done in trueSpace3.2. You can do it later in a 2D art program or similar though with some work. Plugins exist (though I think only for tS5 and higher) that will do that post processing, I think Cool Powers was one that had a glow post process effect.

For the arm question, depends on how the model is set up. If it is all one piece, you would add a skeleton to the character and use the skeleton to manipulate the character. If the pieces are separate, you could use IK joints. Or you can just glue them together in such a way that moving the arm at the elbow moves the whole arm (top arm, bottom arm, hand, fingers is the group) then navigate down into the group to move the lower part of the arm (inside the top group, you have two objects, the top arm on its own, and a group of bottom arm, hand, fingers).


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