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Post by Unregistered // Aug 6, 2006, 6:05am

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When making complex models, such as people, how do I animate the arm, without the part I animate, ripping off the rest of the body.

For example, I want to move the whole arm up, but the bottom half of the arm stays in its original position, how can I make the bottom half of the arm, go up with the top half.

Also how do I make "joints" so if i move the bottom half of the arm, it rotates from the elbow not the middle of that part.

1 last thing - does anyone know of any good tutorials for modeling more complex things? Thanks, and im using True Space 3.2

Post by brianalldridge // Aug 7, 2006, 8:22pm

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Hmm, I don't quite get what you're talking about, would you mind emailing me the .scn file? My email adress is:

As for moddleing complex things, a complax object is really just lots of simple objects, if it's a character, the sculpt tool is quite useful for making the main shape.

Post by Steinie // Aug 8, 2006, 6:36am

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First suggestion:


Post by spacekdet // Aug 9, 2006, 5:35am

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Good suggestion- tS4 is much more capable and more complex than tS3 and a great deal for under 20 bucks- I know I paid much more for it when it was brand new-plus you'll get unlimited access to the forums for any more questions.

Third Suggestion: Watch these ( (They're free- hope you have broadband & not dialup)

One other site you may find useful is HERE (

Sounds like a glueing, or axis location issue you're having.

Read up in the help files about Inverse Kinematics (IK Joints)... I think tS3 had this instead of bones.

Also, if you click the Axis tool you can see where any object's axis is- this is where the object will rotate from when you use the Object Rotate tool. You can move this axis where you need it- for example, for a forearm, you would click the axis tool to make it visible, then the Move tool, drag the axis up to the elbow, and then click the axis tool again to deactivate and make the axis invisible. Now when you rotate the forearm, it will swivel not from the center, but from the elbow. An object's axis doesn't even have to be inside the object- this is handy for all sorts of things from making a planet orbit it's star (put the planet's axis inside the 'sun') to making modeling easier, such as aligning text along a curve. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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