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Post by Unregistered // Nov 16, 2006, 4:10am

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Adapting complex STL models scn file has grown to 34 MBytes.

System has 3 Gbyte of RAM Modules, Task Mager prompts aprox. 1,6 Gbyte in use.

How to make TS 7.11 use the spare 1,4 Gbyte RAM? Or how to reduce complexity of stl import meshes without making a fine pice of technical housing a messy clumb?

Post by Shike // Nov 23, 2006, 3:40am

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Hm, are you running 64bit windows or 32bit?

32bit windows doesn't allow any process to use more than 2Gb of memory,

but the real limit is 1.6-1.8 I believe.

I've read about a trick to access up to 3Gb memory, but I think it only works for some of microsofts operating systems, and I've never tested it myself.

You might also try Polytrans. Many years ago I used it to convert ProE CAD files to trueSpace....and now I think they also have polygon reduction...

Post by rj0 // Nov 23, 2006, 5:33pm

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Your real max memory is your RAM memory plus your virtual (disk) memory, so you might want to bump your virtual memory settings. If your disk drives are nearing full or badly fragmented, you might want to look at fixing those first, as bumping virtual memory won't help much if there is no useable disk space.

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