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Lightworks from Workspace: RsObj // Scriptorium

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Post by frootee // Jan 16, 2009, 5:25am

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This node calls lightworks 'across the bridge'.

Stan provided the solution at our Tuesday night scriptor meeting. Many MANY thanks Stan!

It's called LW_ModelRender.

To use, you have to have one Model view open.

The buttons work as follows:

LW Model Render - Renders the Model view, but does not render to file.

LW Model Render To File - opens the Lightworks dialog. When the dialog opens, configure the render.

LW Model Render Properties - opens the lightworks properties panel in the panel view.

On a similar note, I wrote a Model side plugin which I will be incorporating into a package, hopefully today.

To keep it available in the Panel:

Open Link Editor.

Select the node: LW_ModelRender

Click and drag icon in upper left corner of node in LE and select: Detach

By selecting Detach, this view of the node will remain in the Panel view.


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